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October 30, 2020



Julius Zajac

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Julius Zajac (PHOTO:  Personal archive of Julius Zajac)
Julius Zajac (PHOTO: Personal archive of Julius Zajac)

Julius Zajac: Ascendancy of extremists and liars may augur a new kind of totalitarianism in the Czech Republic

15.2.2018 7:04 A President who has won election thanks to a brazen (non)-campaign, among other things. A President whom the courts have ruled is a liar.  full story

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Julius Zajac: Czechs and Romani people don't like each other

5.6.2017 9:55 Czechs and Romani people have not liked each other for generations (generally speaking) and is is clear to see that future generations will not like each other either. While the situation is gradually improving, that fact is not visible, for the most part, because the tempo of improvement is too slow.  full story

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Julius Zajac: Ideological extremism is no longer "rising" - it's already here

6.4.2017 15:52 On Wednesday, 22 March, a terrorist attack happened in London, England. On Thursday, 23 March, police thwarted another such attack in Antwerp, Belgium.  full story

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Julius Zajac: Let's defend Europe together, beginning with unity

15.11.2015 23:23 After the terrorist attacks in France, antagonism in the Czech Republic is growing against the so-called "optimists" ("sluníčkáři"). Who are they?  full story

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Julius Zajac: I will never recognize a self-appointed Council of Elders

25.5.2015 7:52 So: Now we have a Council of Elders. How its members intend to aid the integration of Romani people into Czech society is unclear.  full story

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