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September 20, 2021



Kateřina Čopjaková

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The widow of Milan Lacko with relatives during his funeral in May 1998 in Orlová. (PHOTO:  Czech News Agency)
The widow of Milan Lacko with relatives during his funeral in May 1998 in Orlová. (PHOTO: Czech News Agency)

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Children stone flamingo to death in zoo, Czech Internet users blame all Roma, protest march scheduled

17.3.2017 11:47 Photographs of a flamingo that three Romani children stoned to death in the zoo in the Czech town of Jihlava are making the rounds of social networking sites. Emotions sparked by the incident have immediately spun the wheel of hatred and a march, ostensibly to draw attention to the security situation there, has now been scheduled for the end of the month.   full story

Tomáš Habart: Almost no one trusts Czech EdMin to institute inclusive education

Czech Republic, 29.7.2011 15:20, (Romano vod'i 6/2011) The magazine Romano vod'i published the following interview with Tomáš Habart of the NGO People in Need about his resignation from the National Action Plan for Inclusive Education Working Group in its June edition.  full story

Documentary about blockade of neo-Nazi march in Brno, Czech Republic premieres next month

Brno, 24.5.2011 15:43, (ROMEA) Less than a month after the nonviolent blockade of a neo-Nazi march through the South Moravian metropolis of Brno, the editing is being completed on a documentary film fittingly entitled "Film Like Brno" (Film jako Brno). The hyperbole of the title indicates the perspective taken by the team of six first-year students from the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and their instructor, documentary filmmaker Vít Klusák ("Český sen" - "Czech Dream", "Český mír" - "Czech Peace", "Vše pro dobro světa" - "Everything for the Good of the World" and "Nošovic"), who decided to view their subject with humor and on a large scale - from all perspectives, including those who didn't participate. News server interviewed Mr Klusák about the project.  full story

† 17. 5. 1998, Orlová, Czech Republic: The murder of Milan Lacko

Orlová/Prague, 21.5.2011 19:14, (ROMEA) The investigation of the death of Milan Lacko, a father of six, took longer than it should have thanks to two abuses in Czech society: Hatred of Roma people, and the unlimited loyalty of police officers for one another. The former caused the testimonies of several witnesses in this case to be rejected, while the latter probably caused the destruction and loss of several pieces of evidence.  full story

Houdek's portraits of Roma authors open in Prague

Prague, 19.4.2011 13:36, (ROMEA) During the opening of "Lačho lav sar maro/Dobré slov je jako chleba" ("Good Words Are Like Bread"), an exhibition of photographs of Roma authors taken by Lukáš Houdek, we heard Petr, a sculptor and habitué of Prague's Jericho café, make the following confession after a few glasses of red wine: "I stole it, or rather, I borrowed it. I wanted to return it today, but I haven't finished it yet."  full story

Integration through children's eyes: Documentary film "Our School" shows the snags in desegregation

Prague, 10.3.2011 14:54, (ROMEA) This US-Swiss documentary filmed in the small Romanian town of Targu Lapus has a simple but precise title: "Our School". Directorial pair Mona Nicoara and Miruna Coca-Cozma spent almost five years filming the EU-funded desegregation of Roma children in schools there and show how it works in practice.  full story

Interview with sociologist Ivan Gabal on the human rights situation in the Czech Republic

Prague, 30.12.2010 5:26, (Romano voďi) Q: The government of Czech PM Nečas has abolished the post of Human Rights and Minorities Minister and continues to delay appointing a Human Rights Commissioner. Do we need a government official for such an agenda 21 years after the revolution?  full story

Vítkov arson trial enters its final phase, but press can’t hear wiretap evidence

Ostrava, 6.9.2010 14:37, (ROMEA) Now that the summer break is over, the second half of the Vítkov arson trial has begun. The senate of judges led by Miloslav Studnička has begun once again to handle the charges of racially motivated attempted murder against four young men from the Opava district: David Vaculík, Jaromír Lukeš, Ivo Müller and Václav Cojocaru. They are charged with having thrown three Molotov cocktails into the home of an eight-member Roma family last April, lightly injuring two adults and seriously maiming an infant, Natálie Kudriková. The little girl suffered burns over almost 80 % of her body and will live with the permanent consequences of these injuries for the rest of her life in the form of scars, contracted Achilles’ tendons, and missing fingers.  full story

Vítkov arson trial has seen its 12th day

Ostrava, 29.5.2010 15:01, (ROMEA) “Tortured suffering” were the words used by expert witness Igor Dvořáček to describe the pain of little Natálie, the infant who suffered extensive burns during the arson attack on a Romani family’s home last April in Vítkov. “The child has been permanently damaged for life and only survived thanks to a combination of various coincidences, primarily the superb medical care she received,” he said. The 11th day of the Vítkov arson trial started with the screening of a video documenting the course and scope of the police effort to investigate the attack last year, including a re-creation of the attack.  full story

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