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June 26, 2022



Miroslav Kováč

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Federica Mogherini (PHOTO:
Federica Mogherini (PHOTO:

EU diplomacy head cancels visit to Prague, probably because of President's remarks

20.11.2015 16:48 The head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, cancelled a visit to Prague yesterday, probably because some Czech politicians are automatically connecting Islam and refugees with terrorism without differentiation. Czech Radio reported the decision with reference to a highly-placed EU source.  full story

Flags in front of the European Commission building in Brussels (PHOTO: Sébastien Bertrand, Wikimedia Commons)

Luxembourgian Foreign Minister says EU might fall apart over refugee crisis

9.11.2015 18:10 "The European Union can fall apart," Luxembourgian Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has warned in an interview for Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA). "That could happen unbelievably quickly if isolation, not solidarity, becomes the rule for both extra- and intra-EU affairs."  full story

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Czech education experts: What is needed for inclusion

Prague, 24.2.2015 20:55, (ROMEA) Is Czech society heading toward a fair school system that will not discriminate against medically disabled or socially disadvantaged children? A system that will not discriminate against children because they are Romani?  full story

Miroslav Kováč

Miroslav Kováč: Let's be better parents in 2015

Prague, 8.1.2015 0:26, (ROMEA) The year 2014 was, from my perspective, a test for the "maturity" of Romani people in the Czech Republic, their ability to adapt to today's conditions and take advantage of the options offered by democracy to improve their position. A quarter of a century is enough time for us to start drawing on those experiences.  full story

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Czech Republic: Equal Opportunities Party files charges against ultra-right party leaders

Děčín/Prague, 11.9.2014 0:18, (ROMEA) Miroslav Kováč, chair of the Equal Opportunities Party (Strana rovných příležitostí - SRP), has announced that his party has filed criminal charges against DSSS chair Tomáš Vandas and vice-chair Jiří Štěpánek. News server is publishing this article by Kováč about those charges in full translation:  full story

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Miroslav Kováč: GRRP is "unduly interfering in the internal affairs" of the Equal Opportunities Party

Prague, 7.5.2014 22:32, (ROMEA) Miroslav Kováč of the Equal Opportunities Party (Strana rovných příležitostí - SRP) believes the Committee of Romani Regional Representatives (Grémium romských regionálních představitelů - GRRP), which has challenged the party to find a new chair, is "dictatorially, unduly interfering in the internal affairs of a properly-registered political party". News server publishes his statement here in full translation:  full story

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videoMiroslav Kováč: How do we stand up to neo-Nazism - with arms, or with diplomacy?

Prague, 2.5.2014 22:04, (ROMEA) Photos of yesterday's DSSS rally in Ústí nad Labem are being shared on Facebook. Among Romani people, the image that is resounding the most is one in which, after a conversation, the chair of the Equal Opportunities Party (SRP), Štefan Tišer, shakes hands with DSSS chair Tomáš Vandas.  full story

Miroslav Kováč

Miroslav Kováč: International Romani Day is a day for Roma to present themselves

Prague, 8.4.2014 20:42, (ROMEA) There is no doubt that Romani people are one of the largest minorities in the world. Their numbers in Europe are estimated at more than 12 million.  full story

Miroslav Kováč

Analysis: What if the Czech MP clears the neo-Nazi?

Litvínov, 27.1.2014 10:06, (ROMEA) Tomio Okamura, known to the Czech public as a more acceptable alternative to Tomáš Vandas, the chair of the ultra-right Workers' Social Justice Party (DSSS), has paid a visit to neo-Nazi Vlastimil Pechanec at the prison in Pardubice where he is serving a 17-year sentence for the murder of Otto Absolon, a Romani man. Okamura believes Pechanec's trial by three first-instance judges, three appeals court judges, and three Supreme Court justices was manipulated and politicized.  full story

Miroslav Kováč

Miroslav Kováč: Let's pay more attention in 2014

Litvínov, 30.12.2013 20:08, (ROMEA) Everyone reading these words is blessed, because it has been possible for us to live until the end of 2013 and the start of 2014 in peace. Whether we are healthy or ill, we can all say we have also been a part of the hierarchy of those who make history.  full story

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Analysis: Czech politicians don't understand the law and Roma pay the price

Prague, 21.12.2013 0:17, (ROMEA) After 1989, Czech society resolved to "build, protect and develop the Czech Republic in the spirit of the inalienable values of human dignity and freedom as the home of free citizens who are aware of their obligations towards others and of their responsibility to the community, as a free and democratic State founded on respect for human rights and on principles of civil society, as a member of the family of European and world democracies." This beautiful idea is incorporated into the preamble of the Czech Constitution.  full story

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Czech Republic: Ultra-right was alone at the Janov housing estate this year

Litvínov, 18.11.2013 15:32, (ROMEA) Czech neo-Nazi activist Jiří Šlégr announced to authorities earlier this year that on Sunday, 17 November 2013, in honor of the state holiday officially called the Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy, an assembly that he called a "March against Crime and Police Brutality" would be held in the town of Litvínov to commemorate the events of 2008 there, when ultra-right demonstrators and police engaged in bloody clashes at the Janov housing estate. This year's march was planned to begin at the train station and to head toward Janov, stopping at a particular traffic circle to light candles at the places where some of those clashes occurred and then ending in front of a local elementary school after some speeches.  full story

Miroslav Kováč

Commentary: Romani unemployment endangers the Czech economy

13.10.2013 21:56, (ROMEA) According to estimates by the Czech Labor Office, the number of unemployed Romani people has significantly grown in recent years. While official statistics are not kept about the ethnicity of the unemployed, the Labor Office has produced its estimate for the Office of the Government to use as part of its reporting on how it is fulfilling its obligations as part of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015.  full story

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Miroslav Kováč: Let's abolish all welfare for everyone!

Prague, 16.7.2013 21:54, (ROMEA) Recently I have observed online, on the street, at anti-Romani demonstrations, and even from the lips of politicians that many in the Czech Republic believe Romani people here enjoy an above-average standard of living because of thos country's generous social welfare system. I am Roma and I happen to live in the real world, traveling to various so-called excluded localities (I even used to live in one myself). As a citizen who knows the law and is familiar with this issue, I have decided to share my knowledge with those in the majority population who are ignorant of the facts, especially with those who, perhaps because of laziness (at best) have succumbed to all the quasi-fascist hoaxes, myths and populism on this issue, those who term themselves the "decent people" but scoff at the laws, as well as those politicians who make it directly possible for the corrupt to increase their personal bank accounts abroad by adopting various "measures" through which our asset-stripped "state coffers" are supposed to be "filled".  full story

Miroslav Kováč

Commentary: The Romani crisis? A lack of unity!

Postoloprty, Czech Republic, 13.3.2013 22:30, (ROMEA) The Romani people were once a traveling nation. As they passed through different landscapes they encountered the diverse cultures of various nations. In some places they were welcomed for their skills in acrobatics and other arts, their manual dexterity, their musical sensibility, their temperament, and last but not least for their ability to work magic or their knowledge of how to mix herbal concoctions.  full story

Miroslav Kováč

Commentary: Czech Residency Bans will solve nothing

Litvínov, 29.1.2013 0:43, (ROMEA) Almost anything at all can be imagined as falling under the concept of democracy, and many of us are somehow prevented from understanding what kind of power we all acquired here in November 1989. Most of us have a basic problem with the very definition of democracy. It is, therefore, easily understandable why today's functionaries do not have to distance themselves from previous totalitarian practices, which seem democratic and excusable to us today, at least under their definition of democracy. The truth is that the achievement of real democracy is very complex, and navigating it is too complicated. Our society is not prepared for complications - or better said, it is not capable of compromise.  full story

Commentary: Approach of most Czech media and politicians to Lety commemoration this year was dishonorable

Litvínov, 16.5.2012 21:13, (ROMEA) The camp at Lety by Písek was created on the site what had been a disciplinary labor camp, originally intended to receive a cheap labor force to help clear away the surrounding forest, which had been downed in a storm and pushed the aristocratic family who owned it into bankruptcy. After that it became a "collection" camp, purely for Romani people, leading straight to Auschwitz.  full story

Commentary: When walls go up, freedom is brought down

Litvínov, 7.5.2012 1:16, (ROMEA) At the very beginning of the world, in the time when God blew the spirit of life into the bodies of human beings and called them people, he did something out of love for his creation that distinguishes humanity from the realm of animals. Aware of our covetousness and our rationality, our factiousness and our sensitivity, he gave us the option of making independent decisions in order to lead us toward our ability to differentiate. It came to pass that there in the Garden, under the Tree of Knowledge, human beings first distinguished between good and evil.  full story

Romani activist Miroslav Kováč comments on Patrik Banga's "Hyde Park" appearance

Czech Republic, 24.3.2012 18:12, (ROMEA) On Wednesday, 21 March, Patrik Banga, the web administrator for news server, was a guest on Czech Television's Hyde Park discussion program on channel ČT24. I watched a recording of the program and was unpleasantly surprised. I had expected to hear some insight from a well-grounded person with years of practical experience, and instead I got the incompetent, rambling point of view of a frustrated Romani man who was not able to answer the questions given him and essentially preferred to avoid some altogether. I personally have very great respect for Patrik, but this presentation did the rest of us more harm than good. That's why I have decided to answer some of those questions here myself.  full story

Forum CZ calls on director of Parlamentní listy to stop attacking Romani people

Litvínov, 5.3.2012 20:04, (ROMEA) The chair of the the Forum CZ civic association has sent an open letter to the director of news server Parlamentní asking the server to stop attacking the Romani minority and publishing generalizations about them in its articles. According to the chair, Miroslav Kováč, the nature of the publication's attacks against the Romani minority has reached a critical level that not only crosses the line of moral behavior, but may even cross the line of democratic principles and the law. The letter, which news server prints in translation in full below, includes the following statement: "Mr Director, I would like to inform you that illegal behavior is committed by individuals, not by society as a whole or any part of it as a whole, as your news server reports in the case of Romani people."  full story

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