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November 27, 2021



Miroslav Kováč

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Romani commentator Miroslav Kováč, Czech Republic.
Romani commentator Miroslav Kováč, Czech Republic.

Miroslav Kováč on the death of a Romani man in Žatec: Latent institutional racism, lack of respect for human life

23.10.2016 18:29 In recent days I have been swamped by the various reactions that have contributed different perspectives on the death of the 27-year-old Romani father of two that occurred as a result of the incident at the pizzeria in Žatec under circumstances that have yet to be explained. On that fateful Tuesday evening, Miroslav entered the local pizzeria and caused a stir.  full story

Miroslav Kováč: Longtime racist politician hands out matches during Czech elections

26.9.2016 12:49 Liana Janáčková is a former Senator and longtime Mayor of the Municipal Department of Mariánské Hory in the City of Ostrava who is primarily infamous for her blatantly extremist position toward the Romani minority, and she is running for the Senate again this year. This time around she is running for the INDEPENDENTS (NEZÁVISLÍ) movement in the Ostrava-město precinct, while at the same time, in the elections to the Regional Authority, she is heading the candidate list for that movement in the Moravian-Silesian Region.  full story

Commentary: Approach of most Czech media and politicians to Lety commemoration this year was dishonorable

Litvínov, 16.5.2012 21:13, (ROMEA) The camp at Lety by Písek was created on the site what had been a disciplinary labor camp, originally intended to receive a cheap labor force to help clear away the surrounding forest, which had been downed in a storm and pushed the aristocratic family who owned it into bankruptcy. After that it became a "collection" camp, purely for Romani people, leading straight to Auschwitz.  full story

Commentary: When walls go up, freedom is brought down

Litvínov, 7.5.2012 1:16, (ROMEA) At the very beginning of the world, in the time when God blew the spirit of life into the bodies of human beings and called them people, he did something out of love for his creation that distinguishes humanity from the realm of animals. Aware of our covetousness and our rationality, our factiousness and our sensitivity, he gave us the option of making independent decisions in order to lead us toward our ability to differentiate. It came to pass that there in the Garden, under the Tree of Knowledge, human beings first distinguished between good and evil.  full story

Romani activist Miroslav Kováč comments on Patrik Banga's "Hyde Park" appearance

Czech Republic, 24.3.2012 18:12, (ROMEA) On Wednesday, 21 March, Patrik Banga, the web administrator for news server, was a guest on Czech Television's Hyde Park discussion program on channel ČT24. I watched a recording of the program and was unpleasantly surprised. I had expected to hear some insight from a well-grounded person with years of practical experience, and instead I got the incompetent, rambling point of view of a frustrated Romani man who was not able to answer the questions given him and essentially preferred to avoid some altogether. I personally have very great respect for Patrik, but this presentation did the rest of us more harm than good. That's why I have decided to answer some of those questions here myself.  full story

Forum CZ calls on director of Parlamentní listy to stop attacking Romani people

Litvínov, 5.3.2012 20:04, (ROMEA) The chair of the the Forum CZ civic association has sent an open letter to the director of news server Parlamentní asking the server to stop attacking the Romani minority and publishing generalizations about them in its articles. According to the chair, Miroslav Kováč, the nature of the publication's attacks against the Romani minority has reached a critical level that not only crosses the line of moral behavior, but may even cross the line of democratic principles and the law. The letter, which news server prints in translation in full below, includes the following statement: "Mr Director, I would like to inform you that illegal behavior is committed by individuals, not by society as a whole or any part of it as a whole, as your news server reports in the case of Romani people."  full story

Miroslav Kováč: Czech Government inclusion strategy won't happen

Litvínov - Janov, 29.9.2011 19:33, (ROMEA) The Czech Government's new Strategy for the Fight against Social Exclusion will probably mot bring about any significant improvements in this area. The document describes only the problems that are visible (the end results), not the actual state in which people in excluded localities find themselves. The Strategy also does not address the deeper causes of why this issue has arisen in the first place. The document is based on six areas: Security, housing, social services/family/health, education, employment and the welfare system, and regional development.  full story

Fó association files criminal charges alleging genocide

Prague, 8.9.2011 18:12, (ROMEA) On the basis of the recent events that have occurred during demonstrations in the Šluknov foothills, the civic association Fó has decided to file criminal charges. News server publishes those charges in full below.  full story

Romani activists demand Czech PM discipline those responsible for police failure in Rumburk

Litvínov, 28.8.2011 18:49, (ROMEA) According to unverified information issued by the Czech Press Agency, there is relative calm in Šluknov district today, but the tension has not been relieved. No demonstrations or protests have been announced, but police remain on alert, according to Petra Trypesová, spokesperson for the Děčín Police. Last night several dozen extremists met in Rumburk and threatened to thrown petrol bombs, but no such incidents occurred. The Czech Press Agency reports that police riot units were allegedly on alert, and police officers are said to have followed and monitored various small groups of people.  full story

Miroslav Kováč: Is the Czech state quietly preparing a civil war?

Litvínov - Janov, 27.8.2011 2:51, (ROMEA) Ever since it took office, the governing coalition has been sending clear signals to us citizens about what its real intentions are. Let's recall what one of the first steps was that the ministers took. The Transport Minister immediately halted all work on the roads. Excellent, there's no money - and then the money was suddenly found. How is that possible? You're probably wondering how. Did they reach an agreement? Did they also want some baksheesh? That's right, it was arbitration. That's what it took to remind them of their contractual obligations.  full story

Commentary: Czech town of Rotava severely restricts use of public space

Rotava, 30.5.2011 17:05, (ROMEA) At its meeting on 18 April 2011, the town council of Rotava, Czech Republic issued a binding decree on the basis of section 10 letter a) of Law No. 128/2000 Coll., on municipalities. The aim of the decree is to prevent damage to town property.  full story

Commentary: The fox in the henhouse, or, the Czech Republic on the UN Human Rights Council

Litvínov, 22.5.2011 18:02, (ROMEA) The Czech Republic has won a seat on the UN Human Rights Council for the next three years. The country received 148 of 191 votes in a secret ballot and will take up its seat on 18 June.  full story

Commentary: Czech Government vs. the pigs

Litvínov, 21.4.2011 17:25, (ROMEA) This column is not about corruption, government politics or the scandals that we are learning about today in all the media and on the front pages of the most-read periodicals. I am also not going to write about coexistence between the majority and the minority. The main aim of this piece is to revive what we usually call "humaneness". This revival is what has inspired my thoughts.  full story

Roma activist files charges against extremist party heads from Czech Republic and Slovakia

Litvínov, 18.3.2011 18:17, (ROMEA) Miroslav Kováč, a well-known activist from Litvínov-Janov, has filed criminal charges against Tomáš Vandas, the chair of the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) and Marián Mišún of the "Our Slovakia" People's Party (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko - LSNS) regarding the content of the speeches they gave at Saturday's DSSS rally in Nový Bydžov. Kováč has also filed charges against Mayor Pavel Louda for failing to take action to prevent the violations of law committed by those attending the rally who support and participat in the neo-Nazi militant initiatives National Resistance (Národní odpor - NO) and the Autonomous Nationalists (Autonomní nacionalisté - AN).  full story

Opinion: Czech Agency not interested in employing educated Roma

Prague, 8.9.2010 17:09, (ROMEA)

The majority society in the Czech Republic often accuses Roma of being unwilling to educate themselves as well as being unwilling to work. Both experts on the Roma issue and politicians perceive education as a determining factor for Roma and the starting point for improving their social position in Czech society, often elevating the significance of education above other aspects of Roma integration such as employment or housing.  full story

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