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September 20, 2021



Ondřej Mrázek

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On 21 April 2018, neo-Nazis  in Ukraine attacked a camp and drove Romani children and their parents from the location. (PHOTO:
On 21 April 2018, neo-Nazis in Ukraine attacked a camp and drove Romani children and their parents from the location. (PHOTO:

The bells in Ukraine are tolling for the Roma

13.9.2018 10:30 Bloody pogroms and systematic human rights violations committed by members of state-tolerated extremist organizations against Romani encampments have sparked an exceptionally strong reaction recently from international institutions and politicians. These figures are calling on Kyiv to make these racist groups illegal and to take strong action against them.  full story

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Ukraine: Non-Romani politician charged with shooting one Romani man dead during pogrom and wounding four others

6.6.2017 7:15 Is it a case of local racism, or revenge for an attack on a politician's son? Ukrainian Police have charged a non-Romani regional councilor with the premeditated murder of a Romani man committed during an anti-Romani pogrom.  full story

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Ukraine: Odessa is flooded with anti-Romani posters

2.1.2017 11:33 Squares and streets in the Ukrainian city of Odessa have recently been flooded with posters featuring portraits of Romani people splattered with blood and messages such as "Roma are bandits and murderers!" Other posters read "Don't forget Loshchynivka", a reference to a case in which a girl from that village was murdered in August, sparking pogroms against local Romani residents.  full story

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Commentary: An oasis of green and white has been flooded with Brownshirt mud

14.9.2016 15:27 The Bohemians Praha 1905 football club, based in the Vršovice quarter of Prague, is wearing a coat of shame today. Actually, we all are.  full story

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Russia: Massacre of Romani people in the Urals, two dead, six injured, media reporting is biased

14.9.2016 7:56 A tragic exchange of gunfire in Russia between a group of Romani people and three local non-Romani businessmen on Saturday, 3 September has resulted in the deaths of two Romani people and the injury of six. Some media outlets in Russia are reporting the incident as an assault perpetrated by a group of armed Roma on some unsuspecting local entrepreneurs who had no choice but to defend their own lives and protect their family members.  full story

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Russia: Romani residents of Tula rebel over gas supplies

29.5.2016 11:35 In one of the biggest Romani settlements in Russia a mass battle took place several weeks ago between local residents and police. The cause was the efforts of gas technicians to cut the Romani residents off from a gas pipe they had illegally been tapping.  full story

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