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October 23, 2021



Patrik Banga

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Marie Gottfriedová on 24 June 2021 during the ceremonial announcement of the
Marie Gottfriedová on 24 June 2021 during the ceremonial announcement of the "Principal of the Year" poll in the Czech Senate. (PHOTO: Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic)

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Patrik Banga: How can people in the Czech Republic write about reviving the concentration camps?

10.2.2018 7:25 I have just read online, for the third time in the last several hours, the opinion that the concentration camps should be revived, and not surprisingly, one such opinion was posted by a commenter to the Facebook profile of Tomio Okamura. For several dozens of hours I have been thinking about whether I basically can even say anything about what is going on because I am in a stage where I am afraid to say anything - and that is because the moment I say something, I begin to receive hate mail and racist messages that disgust me so much that I have even stopped blogging on the blog site that I myself am in charge of.  full story

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videoSlovakia: Romani residents of Zborov tell that police beat children, pregnant women, threatened retribution if video released

12.6.2017 8:16 News server has visited the settlement of Zborov, Slovakia to investigate how police officers there performed a recent intervention against its Romani residents. On 16 April, officers were filmed using their batons to assault young children and others there.
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Patrik Banga: I'm for collecting ethnic data in all areas, but the majority can't tell who is Romani

17.3.2017 10:17 Ivan Langr (Greens), Vice-Mayor of Liberec in charge of social affairs, has rebelled against the methodology recommended for estimating the number of Romani people in the regions that he has received from the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. As has already happened here more than once, Langr has sparked a tempestuous
discussion about whether estimating the numbers of Romani people should even happen and if so, what the appropriate method is to use.  full story

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Patrik Banga: Dear Czech Police, 27-year-olds do not just up and die

21.10.2016 12:11 Three days ago, somebody died in the town of Žatec under circumstances that are basically absolutely unclear. According to one version of what happened, the man assaulted customers in a restaurant and local police intervened against him.  full story

Patrik Banga: How can Romani families influence the sewer on Přednádraží street?

Ostrava, 7.8.2012 23:05, (ROMEA) Approximately 180 people are refusing to move out of the ghetto on Přednádraží street in Ostrava-Přívoz. Instead of leaving, they have made minor repairs to the buildings. For the last two years, the owner has not been making any repairs because the sewer lines are not working. The ownership of the sewer lines has been the subject of a dispute.  full story

Patrik Banga: How easy it is to influence the nation

Prague, 23.2.2012 17:26, (ROMEA) It's amazing how easily people can be influenced. Whether we like it or not, almost everything around us is influenced by the media, from politics to our view of immigrants, and everything depends on the angle the news comes from.  full story

Anti-Romani article in Czech tabloid is by one-time neo-Nazi candidate

Prague, 20.2.2012 20:00, (ROMEA) A recent article published by the Czech tabloid Parlamentní listy about the alleged robbing of the "European Romani Party" - a piece which was most likely pure fiction - was written by freelancer Václav Prokůpek. That same Václav Prokůpek ran as the leading candidate for the lower house on the ticket of the extremist Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) in 2010 in Olomouc Reigon. The DSSS is infamous for its hatred of homeless people, migrants, people from the gay and lesbian community, and Romani people. Prokůpek is just one of several authors writing anti-Romani articles for Parlamentní listy.  full story

Czech tabloid report on Romani political party may be a hoax

Prague / Ústí nad Labem, 19.2.2012 19:28, (ROMEA)

The political tabloid Parlamentní listy (PL) reported on Thursday, 9 February that a political party had been established in Ústí nad Labem called the European Romani Party (Evropská romská strana - ERS) and had been robbed by its Prague-based treasurer. PL reported that the treasurer had collected signatures for the new political party in Ústí 14 days previously, along with "CZK 100 from each future member for a membership card". He is then said to have not attended the party's constitutive assembly. PL published the report under the headline "Roma establish party and already have a problem: Their treasurer has disappeared with the money".  full story

Commentary by Patrik Banga: Sneering at a funeral is deplorable

Prague/Tanvald, 8.1.2012 19:23, (ROMEA) I made a mistake: I read some of the discussions posted online in response to articles about yesterday's funeral in Tanvald. They were standard postings overall, but as far as the funeral itself was concerned, they were really disgusting. People wrote about the funeral as a comedy, as a bit of theater. They wrote that it was a shame that everyone there wasn't buried as well. They ridiculed the mourners and other matters - just one piece of nastiness after another.  full story

Czech Republic: Romani victim says shooting was unprovoked

Tanvald, 2.1.2012 23:38, (ROMEA) According to the Romani youth who survived yesterday's shooting incident in Tanvald, the 63-year-old man who fired at him and his brother did so for no reason whatsoever. Ladislav Tatár, the father of the victims, one of whom was shot to death, has informed news server of his surviving son's statement. Tatár also said the alleged shooter, who is no longer in custody, is a former police officer. TV Nova has reported that the alleged shooter has since traveled to Germany.  full story

Czech Romani activist Emil Ščuka: We're "gypsies" again, just like before 1989

Prague, 18.9.2011 19:21, (ROMEA) Emil Ščuka, the former chair of the Romani Civic Initiative (Romská občanská iniciativa) and one of the main leaders of the Romani community post-1989 has broken his many years of silence. In an interview for news server in which he comments on today's anti-Roma atmosphere in Czech society, Ščuka says it is the fault of Romani people themselves that conditions in the Czech Republic have returned to those of pre-1989 Czechoslovakia, namely, that they have become "gypsies" once more. News server reprints the interview in full.  full story

Patrik Banga: Report from Rumburk

Rumburk, 29.8.2011 16:24, (ROMEA) "Don't worry, it'll be fine", I said to my fellow reporters as we got on the tram in Prague last Friday. Later in the day I said the same thing to correspondent Radek Horváth when I picked him up in Děčín.  full story

Commentary by Patrik Banga: How and why police detained me in Rumburk

Prague/Rumburk, 27.8.2011 20:08, (ROMEA) I don't know myself why the police did it - evidently they detained me because I was doing my job. It's a paradox. When they detained me, I was photographing a police intervention. The riot police were arresting someone for not obeying their instructions. He was fighting them, which was reason in and of itself to photograph the incident. There were about 20 journalists there, half of them not clearly identifiable, but I knew them from other events.  full story

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