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December 7, 2021



Pavel Pečínka

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Pavel Pečinka, Editor-in Chief, Romano hangos

Commentary: Romani activists rush attempts to start party in Czech Republic

Brno, 24.10.2011 11:35, (ROMEA) Three initiatives have recently attempted to influence Romani affairs here the Czech Republic: The founding of a new Romani political party, a meeting of former MPs from the now-defunct Romani Civic Initiative (ROI), and the statewide Romani conference in Brno. In the raw atmosphere occasioned by the demonstrations and unrest in the north, some groups of Romani activists want to intervene in the national discussion and make themselves known. Their aims and motivation vary. The work of some activists has sparked organization by other, rival activists. Naturally, these initiatives cannot be prevented and they should not be condemned or dismissed out of hand. Many Romani people showing a definite interest in politics will now be testing in practice what politics actually involves - making contacts, getting media coverage, etc.  full story

Jarmila Balážová: Even Romani loan sharks won’t be taboo for us

Prague, 26.7.2010 18:13, (Romano hangos) The full-color magazine Romano vodi (Romani Soul - RV) is published monthly as an adjunct to the Romea news server. Its founder, the main face of RV, is Jarmila Balážová. It’s probably carrying coals to Newcastle to mention that you can also hear this famous Romani journalist on the radio, see her moderate various public events, etc. We decided to stick our curious noses into those details of the Roma scene which there is usually no time to cover in the normal course of running a media outlet.  full story

Commentary: Links and chains

Brno, 20.7.2010 15:44, (Brněnský deník) The Workers’ Party (WP) is gradually being stamped out in the Czech Republic. Dupová and Vondrák, the leaders of the young “brownshirts” scene, are starting to answer the prosecutors’ questions before the court. Despite this, the friendly reception given in recent years to the WP hooligans by some non-Roma locals during the “Janov action” and other WP incursions, as well as the fact that a large part of the majority population has long rejected and ridiculed the former Czech Human Rights Ministers connected to the “Roma agenda” (Stehlíková, Kocáb), as well as pro-Roma organizations, newspapers, etc., sends a pretty clear signal. It alerts us to a situation in which the extreme right will learn to use a comprehensible, congenial, folksy vocabulary to name the “hot” problems being experienced by people every day and then twist them to their advantage. Meanwhile, in an effort to not poor oil on the fire, civil servants and human rights circles wrap everything in bureaucratic phrases and empty promises.  full story

SocDem leader Jiří Paroubek: Roma must be kept in mainstream education

Brno, 14.4.2010 17:59, (Romano hangos) Do the various Czech political parties approach the topic of the Roma differently? Do they consider it important, will they focus on it? In the run-up to the elections, we asked those political parties that achieved at least 5 % of the vote last time to answer these questions. In Romano hangos 2 we interviewed the leading candidate of the Public Affairs (Věci veřejné) party in South Moravia, Jiří Dobeš, and the leading Communist Party candidate in North Moravia, Kateřina Konečná. Party leaders Jiří Paroubek of the Czech Social Democrats (ČSSD) and Ondřej Liška of the Green Party have responded on behalf of their parties, while we have yet to hear from the Christian Democrats, the Civic Democrats, or TOP 09.  full story

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