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January 24, 2020
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Protest march by Roma and Sinti in Milan, Italy, 16 May 2019. (PHOTO:  Khetane)
Protest march by Roma and Sinti in Milan, Italy, 16 May 2019. (PHOTO: Khetane)

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Romani students from Czech Republic visit Germany, say they will not allow unfreedom to recur

25.7.2018 15:33 Eight Romani high school and college students aged 15 to 24 from the Czech Republic attended an international youth meeting in Berlin and Leipzig, Germany from 10-18 July. Together with students from Germany and Israel they focused on the subjects of democracy and integration.  full story

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Czech Police refuse immediate comment about extremist stickers on bus used to transport 280 arrested environmental activists

6.7.2018 14:14 A photograph of the interior of a bus used by Czech Police to transport activists arrested after a protest against surface mining for brown coal at the Bílina mine in the Most district shows that a sticker for the hatemongering Ortel band and an anti-Islam sticker with a red line crossing out a mosque were visible above the driver's seat. On 1 July police detained 280 demonstrators on suspicion of misdemeanors.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani boy assaulted on bus by ticket-checker gives interview to

19.1.2018 8:38 Reporters for news server have interviewed the boy whom a ticket-checker working for public transit used force against last week when she attempted to remove him from the morning commute to school, and we have interviewed his mother and another youth who filmed the incident on his mobile phone. The boy alleges that when he got onto the bus with his friends he could already hear the ticket-checker shouting at other children on the bus.
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videoFULL VIDEO: Commemorative ceremony honoring the memory of the Romani victims of the Holocaust at Lety u Písku

13.5.2017 19:40 The traditional commemorative ceremony honoring the memory of the Romani victims of the Holocaust was held today at Lety u Písku, Czech Republic. The ceremony was organized by the Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust (Výbor pro odškodnění romského holokaustu - VPORH), which brings together the former prisoners of Nazi camps and their family members.  full story

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Czech Culture Ministry's Subsidy Commission for National Minorities issues statement against growing intolerance

29.3.2017 10:11 Earlier this month the representatives of national minorities who advise the Czech Culture Ministry on its Subsidy Commission for the Department of Audiovisual and Media Products issued a statement against growing national, religious and racial intolerance in Czech society. The national minority representatives expressed their concern and unease over the hateful attacks that more and more people have recently faced just because their ethnic origin, gender orientation or religious convictions are different from the mainstream.  full story

Czech court sentences attacker to six years for six crimes against Romani family

14.4.2015 20:36 At the beginning of April a verdict was handed down in the case of a violent racially-motivated attack against a Romani family whose identities we are not reporting at their request. The defendant has been unconditionally sentenced by the first-instance Regional Court to six years in maximum-security prison and his driver's license has been suspended for a year and a half.  full story

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Czech arson suspect says he knew Roma lived in the building

11.4.2015 3:15, (ROMEA) At the start of April, the trial continued at the Regional Court in Plzeň of a nine-member, allegedly organized group of neo-Nazis from various parts of the country which news server previously reported on here. According to the indictment, the group used the Internet to call for violent attacks on minorities, political party headquarters, representatives of the Government or the police and planned to attack specific individuals.  full story

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Discrimination proceedings launched against Czech property management company over Roma segregation

4.4.2015 22:41 News server has been exclusively informed by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (Česká obchodní inspekce - ČOI) that it has launched an administrative proceedings against the CPI BYTY a.s. firm after investigating them on suspicions of discriminating against Romani clients. The Janov housing estate, where CPI BYTY manages some properties, recently drew the attention of media and politicians after some local residents there addressed a petition to the Czech Prime Minister complaining they are being "terrorized by the Gypsy minority".  full story

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Documentary films by Roma about Roma screen in Vienna

Vienna, 18.3.2015 20:01, (ROMEA) How can one make a film about coexistence between non-Romani and Romani people without supporting prejudices or stereotypes and without participating in the classic division of people into good and evil, culprits and victims? Such a task might seem hard even for experienced filmmakers, but Romani filmmakers from several different European countries evidently seem to have risen to the challenge.  full story

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Czech trial continues of racially motivated attack on Romani family in their home

25.2.2015 18:57, (ROMEA) In mid-February the trial resumed of a man who has been charged with committing racially motivated grievous bodily harm, violence against an ethnic group and individuals, illegal drug production, trespassing, property destruction and making threats under the influence of addictive substances. News server has previously reported on this case here  full story

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Editorial: Insults are preferable to censorship

Prague, 14.2.2015 20:29, (ROMEA) Are Internet discussions facing fundamental restrictions? Will online news servers be forced to close their discussion boards or to strictly regulate them?  full story

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