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June 26, 2022



Štěpán Ripka

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Robert Aldridge, executive director of Homeless Action Scotland (center). (Photo:  Štěpán Ripka)
Robert Aldridge, executive director of Homeless Action Scotland (center). (Photo: Štěpán Ripka)

Scotland as a model for social housing legislation

Prague, 12.6.2014 19:57, (ROMEA) Robert Aldridge is the executive director of Homeless Action Scotland, an umbrella organization bringing together service providers involved in the problem of homelessness. He has also been a member of the City of Edinburgh Council for 22 years  full story

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Commentary: Deadline for adopting Czech social housing concept is unrealistic

Prague, 12.6.2014 1:48, (ROMEA) Three months have elapsed since the Czech Government approved its program declaration stating that social housing is a priority. We have heard from many government politicians that work is underway on the Social Housing Concept and how important it is.  full story

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Platform for Social Housing critiques Czech Govt plans to institutionalize residential hotels

Prague, 4.10.2013 0:10, (ROMEA) The Platform for Social Housing has sent the Czech Regional Development Ministry (MMR) its comments and suggestions regarding the Government's draft Comprehensive Social Housing Policy (Komplexní řešení sociálního bydlení). According to the Government's Housing Concept 2020 (Koncepce bydlení do roku 2020), the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry and the MMR are supposed to produce a comprehensive policy on housing by the end of this year.  full story

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Commentary: Neo-Nazis don't belong in Kraslice, they just want money and violence

Kraslice, 7.9.2013 0:00, (ROMEA) Tomorrow a hate march will be held in the town of Kraslice in the Karlovy Vary region. Under the pretext of an election rally, the march is being convened by the neo-Nazi DSSS party, led by Tomáš Vandas.  full story

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