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September 20, 2021



Amnesty International benefit concerts to draw attention to segregated education

Prague, 5.12.2009 8:37, (ROMEA/RV)

Amnesty International will celebrate Human Rights Day, 10 December, by holding a series of benefit concerts worldwide to bring attention to the human rights failings the organization is trying to correct. In the Czech Republic, proceeds from the Prague benefit will support AI’s educational programs, which use an interactive format to inform children at Czech schools about the significance of human rights and how to defend their own rights and those of others. In Hradec Králové, proceeds will benefit the Hradec Králové regional AI branch.

In Prague, the benefit event “Švihadlo for František” will take place on 9 December starting at 19:00 at the Roxy. The bands performing are supporting Amnesty International’s “Let’s Change It!” campaign, which is drawing attention to the lack of access to education suffered by hundreds of millions of children around the world. In the Czech Republic, this primarily concerns the significant percentage of Romani pupils, most of whom belong at standard elementary schools, being improperly educated according to curricula for the mentally disabled which reduces their chances for a good future. The fictitious character of “František” represents all of the real children in the Czech Republic who have met a similar fate. The bands Traband, Švihadlo and The Spankers will be performing.

Another benefit concert will take place in Hradec Králové on 10 December at the La Putika club. DJs Miquel, Sense, Maria.n a Marionette will play music accompanied by Ptaaka on drums. On 11 December Alah, Winyl, Kadel, Fiila and MC Bombicz will play at the Hlad Klub there. Both benefits start at 20:00. Information stands on human rights, petitions and merchandise for sale will be part of both evenings.

Gwendolyn Albert, Radka Steklá, Radka Steklá, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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