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August 15, 2022



Petr Torák on deceptive media reports from England and what Brexit means for Roma

17.11.2018 7:24

The Czech news server published a report at the beginning of this month alleging that conflicts are growing between the Pakistani and Romani minorities in England. Petr Torák, a Romani community member originally from the Czech Republic who served in England for many years as a police officer and is dedicated to working with minorities, rejects the recent reporting as misleading and untrue.

Speaking to ROMEA TV, Torák says he has invited the reporter from The Guardian, the newspaper that wrote the article that drew from, to come to Peterborough, where he lives. He wants to ask her to write a new article that will contain truthful information about the lives of Romani people in England.

Torák is an MBE currently working as an external consultant to the Council of Europe and as director of the COMPAS organization. He also explains what Brexit - the impending departure of Great Britain from the European Union - will mean not just for Roma, but for all EU citizens.

The video above has English subtitles. Please click the gear icon to enable them.

brf, th, voj, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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