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September 26, 2021



Come to the Kelarova´s International Workshop of Gypsy Musis

Praha/Jedlova, 7.7.2009 11:28, (ROMEA/

The International School for Human Voice cordially invites you to attend the Gypsy Celebration International Summer Workshop, which is directed by the musician and singer Ida Kelarova. The workshop takes place in Jedlova (CR) in17-26 th July 2009. Kelarova will be accompanied by the tutors Desiderius Duzda, Tomas Kaco, Ivana Olahova, by the Gypsy band Kali cerchen and various artists, musicians, singers, dancers, ethnologists, etc.

Ida‘s workshops give the possibilities for discovering and furthering workwith the „Natural Voice“, they give concrete opportunities for learning, fordefinition to include the vast territories which lie beyond, and for wonderfuland orginial things to happen within a fairly short time.

Ida‘s summer workshop and teaching is an original piece of work. A deeply moving polyphony which unites voices, cultures sentiment and tonality into one harmonious stream of singing that reaches out from the heart. It is an arrangement intented to create the optimum in the dynamics of the expressive gypsy tradition, music and songs. It is original human expression, naked, pure, authentic, deep, powerful and emotional music that comes from the depths of the Soul, telling of being without a home as well as being at home everywhere. Nostalgia is the essence of Gypsy song and seems always to have been. Nostalgia for „a return home“ the Gypsies have no home means „no place“. Nostalgia - a return to no place - the long road (O lungo drom). The participants, tutors, and guest artists at the summer workshop create together such pure energy, such pure light that the vibration of all of ourself, of the totality of one‘s being voice, body, soul and mind and heart become a force so huge and of such pure strength that we experiencea kind of awakening and energising which stays with us. The summer workshop makes it impossible for the participants not to be deeply touched by the experience, which is fascinating and the various elements in the workshop interweave in a way which is both beautiful and evocative giving an astonishing and unexpected result. The political message lingers long after the last song has faded and we take it home in our hearts together with the intoxication of having being a part, for some days in this summer workshop Gypsy celebration, experience of something much greater than ourselves.

Ida Kelarova´s personal invitation:
Dear friends, lovers of Roma music anddance…Let me extend my personal invitationto you to attened this special workshop„Gypsy celebration“, unlike any otherwhich take place this year. All musicians,artists and all of you who like to sing andcelebrate Gypsy music are welcome tojoin this special program. We will createbeautiful things out of ourselves and allowsong to open us, in order to find ourinner voice. This workshop will give us apowerful and intense experience of gypsyculture and its music. We will learn aboutGypsy song, Gypsy philosophy, historyand finally about celebrating. We willuse all this as an inspiration to open ourhearts...a burst of happy spontaneoussinging is one of the most delightful wholesomeand highly prized elements of allhuman experiences. Instinctively each ofus know that singing can help us feel healthy,alive, free and well again. For eachtime we sing we are fortified, upliftedand nourished. Singing is necessary forlife and healing....the most wasted day isthat day where we have not sang....songsguide us through our entire lives. Gypsysongs possess a magical energy and areconsidered the jewels of Gypsy culture.They evoke emotion and expose people‘shearts and souls, where they invariablycome from. Songs are the teachings ofthe noble and provide inspiration andentertainment to artists and all creativepersons as well as offering a closer understandingof life and the traditions ofGypsy culture and sense of their belonging.Gypsy folklore is teaming with life. Wecan learn to sing from the Gypsies.

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