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September 26, 2021



Slovak pupil faces prison for greeting teachers with Nazi salute

Nitra, West Slovakia, 17.1.2008 8:51, (ROMEA/ČTK)

Slovak police today accused a 15-year-old elementary school pupil who repeatedly greeted his teachers with the Nazi salute last and this years and shouted Nazi slogans of the propaganda of fascism, the police told CTK today.

The boy faces from six months to three years in prison if convicted, the police said.

"Papers with fascist slogans and symbols were found at his desk during a home search," police spokeswoman Renata Cuhakova said.

The investigators also found a leaflet with anti-Jewish topics and a slogan with a swastika, she said.

Slovak police have recently dealt with many cases of extremism that involved underage persons. Last Friday the police accused a 16-year-old boy who threatened Romanies with death of the support and propaganda of groups aimed at suppressing people's fundamental rights and freedoms.

Last year a group of underage persons who attended a neo-fascist meeting in September 2006 were accused of the same crime. They all have received suspended sentences.

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