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November 29, 2021



Commentary: Pig farm off of the Lety concentration camp site!

Ostrava, 19.4.2011 14:00, (ROMEA)
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For years I have been asking myself the following question. Which is more important: Pork, or reverence for those murdered in the concentration camps?

Many opinions on this issue have been expressed, many debates and discussions held about it. Everyone who lost someone at Lety, myself included, asks how it is possible that such barbarism can be perpetrated in a civilized state today. The memory of the victims is being desecrated by pig feces. Do you believe the sacrifice of the Roma who perished there should take precedence over a "full stomach"?

We should ask whether it is really just the pigs raised on the territory of the concentration camp at Lety that are more important. Is this really just about utilitarianism, or is it about disrespect for those who were sacrificed?

Dear Roma activists, nonprofit organizations, foundations, pro-Roma organizations, others - what if we joined forces and started to fight for the honor of our ancestors? This is also a deprecation of us, the survivors and the bereaved, who now have to watch all of this and "pretend nothing ever happened". Let's "fight" for the pig farm to be removed!

Doesn't it seem to you that in the end it would be for a good cause? We must not forget that we are alive now thanks to our ancestors, who gave their lives for our freedom.

Gwendolyn Albert, Bc. Antonie Burianská, member of the Roma Civic Association Forum (Romské občanské sdružení Forum), translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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