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May 27, 2020
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Czech commentator: The Nice attack is all about the PR of fear

17.7.2016 17:01
Dan Přibáň is an explorer, film director, and journalist in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO:
Dan Přibáň is an explorer, film director, and journalist in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO:

If you want to be seen, you must be in the media, and if you want to be in the media, then you must make yourself visible. What are all these terrorist attacks really about?

Are they about annihilating an enemy? No.

It's clear to the terrorists that they have no chance to conduct a classic war, to say nothing of winning one. This is about inciting hatred and spreading fear.

What do you do when you cannot have a classic advertisement for your "product", but you want to be seen? You must give the media what they need.

When forgotten celebrities want to remind the world they exist, they are "accidentally" photographed naked - and if terrorists want to be seen, they kill. The rest of the work is not up to them... and in the final analysis seldom survives.

It's not up to Al Qaeda, Islamic State or any of the other organizations where psychopaths assemble - the rest is up to the media. The more publicity there is, the better the PR of fear.

That is why these crimes are becoming crazier and crazier:  So it will be worthwhile for the media to report on them. Certainly they cannot fail to report on what happened in Nice - but even as the big media report on these incidents more or less factually, the media outlets "combating Islam" (and the "alternative" media") do not hold back when it comes to expressing their own hatred.

Those media actors willingly multiply that hatred, send it around, spread it in all directions. That is actually what this is all about.

The more "militant" the articles about this or that terrorist act are, the stronger the desired effect - namely, that in the eyes of many, all Muslims in the world will be viewed as represented by the terrorists. All the assassinations are just fodder for these self-described "warriors against Islam".

It is those people who are the terrorists' main target group, because they best spread the PR of fear. They themselves just don't want to see that fact.

The "warriors against Islam" don't want to see that the main reason terrorists commit these crazy crimes is that the hatred has to be fed. The hatred is actually being tailor-made for the terrorists.

The terrorists absorb this hatred, let it become firmly established in their own minds, and then send it on, they confirm to the next bombers that their efforts make sense and that yet another abomination of this kind will arouse even more hatred - hatred, and fear. A creeping, general fear, a universal fear of Muslims - one just as irrational as fear of the dark.

Too many people are letting themselves be carried away by this fear. They are not reflecting on why this is happening, what the aim of it all might be.

Too many people are repeating what the "warriors against Islam" are saying without even thinking twice - for example, without acknowledging that the Islamists themselves have killed far more Muslims than any other kind of victim, that in their eyes whoever is not with the terrorists is against them, that the bloodiest battles in the actual war against them are being fought by other Muslims. The "warriors against Islam" are not aware of one basic thing:  The more they ascribe collective blame to all Muslims, the more majority societies will push Muslims into the radicals' corner.

The terrorists want more radicals, and the "warriors against Islam" provide them. All the terrorists have to do is deliver the "ammunition" - the attacks, like this one that just took place in Nice.

The more people there are who hate Muslims in general, the more satisfied the terrorists will be. It is high time we finally acknowledge that the Islamist terrorists are at war with Islam itself - so if you, too, are "combating Islam", you are actually fighting side by side with them.

You probably don't want to be in that position. Fight instead for critical thinking, distinguish between the murderers and their victims, and stop playing this game according to the rules set by the extremist assholes!

Dan Přibáň, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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