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January 18, 2022



LIVE BROADCAST WEDNESDAY 27 MARCH: Last sessions of the Council of Europe's 7th International Roma Women's Conference

27.3.2019 5:20

The seventh International Roma Women's Conference concludes today in Espoo, Finland. The plenary sessions are being broadcast online.

The overarching theme is access to justice and rights for Roma and Traveller women. Today's sessions will discuss digitalization as an equalizer for Roma and Travellers, as well as a potential threat.

Speakers from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) will discuss "big data" as an avenue of discrimination, while representatives from Spain will discuss how smartphone applications can aid with the reporting of discrimination. Members of the Traveller Movement in the UK will discuss the #Operationreporthate Campaign there,  and a Finnish representative will discuss database research on hate crime against Roma in Finland.            

The final panel will feature a documentary filmmaker reflecting on distorted media images of Roma and Traveller Women, an artist discussing the "Lupta Femeilor - Women's Fight" project, and members of the management of the European Rom Institute for Arts and Culture discussing that organizations support for Romani women artists and Romani women generally. The contributions of this conference to another Council of Europe event immediately following in Finland on Gender Stereotypes and Sexism will then be summarized.


Yesterday the situation of access to justice for the Romani women who have been forcibly sterilized in the Czech Republic and Slovakia was presented by Elena Gorolová of the Group of Women Harmed by Forced Sterilization (Czech Republic) and Vanda Durbaková of the Counseling Center for Civil and Human Rights, who has represented Romani women sterilized in Slovakia before the European Court of Human Rights. Their contributions highlighted the need for Governments of both countries to develop compensation mechanisms that will reach all of the women affected by these violations.

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