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January 27, 2022



Norway: Romani online television channel "Nevimos Norvego" to collaborate with ROMEA TV

27.2.2018 7:08

In Norway the first Romani online television programming began at the end of January of this year with an online channel called Nevimos Norvego, and the Czech Republic's ROMEA TV online program, which was created in 2002 as the first Romani online television channel, will soon contribute to Nevimos Norvego's broadcasts. The Norwegian producers will publish articles, photos of events, and brief video reports on a daily basis and will broadcast longer video programs once a month focused on subjects connected with the Romani community in Norway.

"The aim of this project is independent journalism intended for Romani people both abroad and in Norway as well as for non-Romani people who are interested in Romani- related subject matter. We want to create room for young Romani journalists and talents to be seen," broadcast director Balder C. Hasvoll from the Kirkens Bymisjon organization, which also runs a project called Romano Kher ("Romani Home" in Romanes), told

"News server and ROMEA TV have been a big inspiration to us. We want to teach courses on the basics of journalism so that those who attend them might become successful in the mainstream media, just like the outcome has been of the courses offered by the ROMEA organization," Hasvoll said.

"The main partner with whom we will collaborate on creating our news reporting is Oslo Media House, and as soon as possible we are also planning cooperation with the the state body for culture, the Kulturrådet. We will share our programs with news server and use some of their reporting as well as the reporting by ROMEA TV," Hasvoll explained.

The Norwegian Romani producers do not want to restrict themselves when it comes to choosing subject matter. Viewers of Nevimos Norvego will be able to learn not only about the world of Romani culture and current cultural events, but also about discrimination scandals and how big Norwegian media outlets report about Romani people.

Jitka Votavová, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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