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May 17, 2022



Slovak fascist politician says he is mixing cough medicine with vodka for his COVID-19, authorities warn that is dangerous

30.10.2020 9:09
The leader of the Slovak ultra-right, Marian Kotleba, tested positive for COVID-19. (27 October 2020 - PHOTO: Facebook page of Marian Kotleba)
The leader of the Slovak ultra-right, Marian Kotleba, tested positive for COVID-19. (27 October 2020 - PHOTO: Facebook page of Marian Kotleba)

Pharmaceutical regulators in Slovakia are warning against consuming alcohol together with cough medicine if you have been infected with COVID-19. They put out their statement after Marian Kotleba, head of the opposition ultra-right "Followers of Kotleba - People's Party Our Slovakia" (LSNS) made a statement promoting mixing vodka with two different decongestants when describing how he is personally dealing with the disease. 

"I have used the methods of our ancestors. I began mixing Stopkašel syrup and Bromhexin with vodka. It has saved my health. I poured the dosage cap of Stopkašel half-full, then filled it up with vodka. Half the dosage cap of Bromhexin, the rest vodka," Kotleba said in a video recording posted to social media.   

Kotleba went on to say he had dissolved ordinary salt in a hot bath, which he also claimed had aided him. Bromhexin is used as a decongestant to treat respiratory tract ailments, and Stopkašel relieves people who are coughing a lot.   

Slovakia's State Institute for the Control of Pharmaceuticals has warned against the risk of using alcohol together with drugs of any kind. "It is not appropriate to consume either Bromhexin or any other drug with alcohol. Moreover, drinking alcohol not only does not protect one from COVID-19, but can also be dangerous. Consuming alcohol will not destroy the virus but, on the contrary, can increase the risk to one's health should one become infected," the Institute warned in a statement. 

Kotleba, who is 43, indirectly cast doubt on the ongoing pandemic and the response to it yet again in his recent video post. "We experienced much more difficult illnesses when we were young. In primary school half the class was constantly home with purulent tonsilitis. Nobody caused any panic about that, nobody restricted people's freedom of movement, nobody instituted any psychopathic measures," said the LSNS boss, who previously also spoke out against the compulsory wearing of face masks.  

After Kotleba tested positive for COVID-19, other MPs with whom he had come into contact were also tested. Several were confirmed infected and Slovakia's unicameral legislature has therefore suspended this week's session. 

ČTK, ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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