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May 28, 2022



Czech Republic/Slovakia: Ida Kelarova seeks singers for Romano drom summer school

Prague, 22.5.2014 19:11, (ROMEA)
Concert with the Philharmonic in Brno (PHOTO:  o.s. Miret)
Concert with the Philharmonic in Brno (PHOTO: o.s. Miret)

"Romano drom" is the name of a summer school organized by the Miret association in collaboration with choral director, musical producer, musician, singer and voice teacher Ida Kelarová. This year it will take place in eastern Slovakia near the town of Lipany (Prešov district) from 26 July - 10 August 2014, dedicated to working with 60 talented Romani children from orphanages, Romani settlements, and socially vulnerable families.

At the summer school, selected participants will find many activities await to help them develop their joint work of art, their personalities, and their talent. The close of the summer school will involve concerts in three Romani settlements in eastern Slovakia together with the Czech Philharmonic.

Libuška Bachratá, Oto Bunda, Igor Čolić (Switzerland), Desiderius Dužda, Jan Dužda, Josef Fečo, Ida Kelarova, Lelo Nika (Sweden) and other performers will also appear with the children's chorus. Applications are available for download here and must be submitted by 10 June 2014.

The project is being supported by the Visegrad Fund. Project partners are the Czech Philharmonic, ETP Slovensko, and Snétberger Zenei Tehétseg Központ (Hungary)  

press release of o. s. Miret, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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