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September 18, 2021



ABBand drummer will not perform allegedly racist song “The Exterminator”

Prague, 24.7.2009 16:27, (ROMEA)

Lukáš Pavlík, music composer and drummer for Aleš Brichta’s group ABBand is refusing to perform the controversial title song from Brichta’s new album “The Exterminator”. Brichta announced the news in a discussion forum on his website, Pavlík has confirmed the information to "I experienced a great disappointment today from our current drummer, Lukáš Pavlík, who told me he refuses to play ‘The Exterminator’ in concert, because unlike me he has his entire musical career ahead of him and does not want to be maligned with charges of racism,” Brichta wrote on Wednesday.

"I first composed the music and recorded it, and then Aleš Brichta wrote lyrics for the song. Their content was not made known to me and they turned out to include certain statements with which I disagree,” Pavlík told

Most of Brichta’s fans on the discussion forum were against the drummer and some even demanded he be replaced. "Lukáš is a gifted drummer, but if he really is going to put his foot down and does not want to play ‘Exterminator’ live, it would be better to find another drummer,” one of the fans wrote in. Brichta somewhat defended his fellow band member; a final decision is expected to be made on Saturday. Attempting to restrain his fans, Brichta wrote: "People, don’t get angry with Lukáš. We’ll see what he says at the band meeting on Saturday. Maybe he’ll realize his decision was premature.”

The song “The Exterminator” has prompted criticism for its allegedly racist overtones and is posing a challenge to domestic commentators. Editors of the internet metal magazine ABYSS issued a statement condemning Brichta. However, others do not consider him a racist. The song lyrics, with the refrain, "Politicians making fools of us all/Gypsies stealing tires in the street/this should be handled by/an exterminator” are being reviewed by the police as to whether they constitute a crime.

Lukáš Pavlík was awarded “The Best Talent” prize in the Roths&Rothes project in Amsterdam. He has performed on percussion with the European “Youth Orchestra” on a tour of Japan, which ended in Asia’s largest concert venue, Suntory Hall; the orchestra is a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Art. In his fourth year at the Music Conservatory in Brno Pavlík won the republic-wide conservatory competition in percussion. He then studied at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague.

Pavlík is now a drummer with the Goja music agency. He has performed in well-known musicals such as “Les Miserables” or “Miss Saigon”. In Prague he collaborates with several bands (Dymytry, Ondřej Kabrna Trio, Velvet Evolution, Unicorn Groups). He has played with Brichta’s ABBand since mid-2007. That same year he received corporate sponsorships from drum manufacturer Mapex and cymbal manufacturer Anatolian. In addition to his other activities, he currently composes songs for performers on the Czech pop-rock scene and is interested in recording and mastering. His CV can be found on the web page

Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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