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January 26, 2022



Anarchists clash with neoNazis during Prague Jewish Quarter march

Prague, 10.11.2007 18:43, (ROMEA/CTK)

Neo-Nazis clashed with anarchists at Faculty of Law on the edge of the Jewish Quarter in Prague today, there are probably injured people.

The riot police pushed some of them back while others used the situation to provoke a brutal clash.

The brawl was allegedly started by the anarchists of whom there were several times more than of the neo-Nazis. server reported, however, that the incident was triggered by a neo-Nazi who shot from a gas pistol into the crowd and lightly injured one person.

Anarchists attacked and beat him up.

The injured were treated by the rescue service. According to a CTK reporter, at least three people were injured.
The police separated the two camps after about ten minutes.

The CTK reporter also said a part of the anarchists are German speaking.


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