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July 1, 2022



Anti-Romani article in Czech tabloid is by one-time neo-Nazi candidate

Prague, 20.2.2012 20:00, (ROMEA)
Campaign website of the Workers' Social Justice Party (DSSS) for the parliamentary elections on 28 and 29 May 2010, as published through the party paper, Dělnické listy ("Workers' News").

A recent article published by the Czech tabloid Parlamentní listy about the alleged robbing of the "European Romani Party" - a piece which was most likely pure fiction - was written by freelancer Václav Prokůpek. That same Václav Prokůpek ran as the leading candidate for the lower house on the ticket of the extremist Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) in 2010 in Olomouc Reigon. The DSSS is infamous for its hatred of homeless people, migrants, people from the gay and lesbian community, and Romani people. Prokůpek is just one of several authors writing anti-Romani articles for Parlamentní listy.

The editors of have known of Prokůpek's activity for some time, but only recently have we been able to find direct evidence that the author is the same person as the former DSSS candidate. That proof is the following: Prokůpek wrote an article for Parlamentní listy entitled "Romani woman testifies: Help from the association? They just told me how proud they were to be earning CZK 50 000" ("Zpověď Romky: Pomoc od sdružení? Tam se mi jen chlubili, že berou 50 tisíc"). That same article was also posted to a blog,, and is signed there as having been written by "Ing. Václav Prokůpek, Ph.D.," Prokůpek links to this blog from his official web page ( as one of his publications.

The CV and photographs on Prokůpek's official web page completely correspond to the CV and photographs posted to the campaign site for the DSSS elections to the lower house on 28 and 29 May 2010, as published in the party's paper, "Workers' News" (Dělnické listy - DL) In addition to this direct evidence, there is also indirect evidence. For example, the e-mail address of the Václav Prokůpek who wrote to and identified himself as the author of the Parlamentní listy article contains the acronym for the International Chess Federation, FIDE. In his CV, Prokůpek states that he plays competitive chess.

The director of Parlamentní listy, Jan Holoubek, is no longer answering phone calls from editors at An SMS message was sent from Parlamentní listy to our editor, referring him to Editor-in-Chief Marek Bláha, who is also not answering his telephone. We would like to ask him why a former candidate for an extremist party is writing articles attacking Romani people in Parlamentní listy. We would also like to ask why the editors of Parlamentní listy claimed, when previously asked, that the Prokůpek who writes for them is not the same man who ran for the DSSS.

In addition to running for the extremist DSSS, Václav Prokůpek has been prosecuted twice on charges of assault. A court in Plzeň sentenced him to four months on parole, suspended for a year and a half, for committing violence against Czech MP Vladislav Vilímec (Civic Democrats - ODS).

Prokůpek was also prosecuted for beating up a pensioner. Prosecutors said he beat and kicked the older man in Mirošov (Rokycany district) in April 2010.

The tabloid Blesk wrote the following about him 2008: "Small-time con artist Václav Prokůpek has presented himself as an attorney and gotten money out of people under various pretexts. He has even been so audacious as to claim to his clients that he is the former husband of Lucie Talmanová, who lives with Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek." There are also other reports online alleging that Prokůpek has committed plagiarism.

As previously reported, Prokůpek recently wrote an article about the founding of the "European Romani Party" in Ústí nad Labem in which he claimed the party had been robbed by its treasurer. Even after one week of effort, none of the information in the article could be verified. None of the local people we contacted had ever heard of the names of the people supposedly quoted in the article or anything about the creation of the party. See "Czech tabloid report on Romani political party may be a hoax",

Prokůpek's activities have been reported elsewhere as well. For example, in the magazine "Romano hangos" (issue 22-2009), Editor-in-Chief Pavel Pečínka wrote the following:

"A few years ago, [Prokůpek] founded a movement to support Vratislav Kutal, who was accused of murder in the light heating oil case. Prokůpek works in the name of various institutions and enjoys threatening the courts with physical violence… . Several years ago, Prokůpek was one of the leaders of the 'Právo a spravedlnost' ('Law and Justice') coalition, and he is still active in the Workers' Party and contributes to the Workers' News (Dělnické listy)."

Vratislav Kutal was one of the mafia members convicted in the light heating oil case. After he had served half of his sentence, the judge freed him under suspicious circumstances. The details (in Czech only) can be found at

František Kostlán, Gwendolyn Albert, Patrik Banga, František Kostlán, Patrik Banga, translated by Gwendolyn albert
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