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October 22, 2021



Benefit concert in Prague tonight for Natálka, victim of anti-Roma arson attack

Prague, 18.9.2010 15:11, (ROMEA)

Leading publicist and sociologist Fedor Gál has organized a Concert for Natálka to take place tonight and has also launched a web page about Natálka Kudriková’s life, "The concert and web page are part of a project called Pro Natálku (For Natálka). Part of it will be a documentary we are making for Czech Television, but the main point is permanent contact with the family, the fact that we have gotten to know one another and become friends, which is both personally rewarding and our motivation,” Fedor Gál told news server

The concert will take place today, 18 September, at 7 PM in the evangelical church U Salvátora on Salvátorská street in the Old Town, Prague 1. (Not to be confused with the Catholic church of St. Salvátor). It will feature the band Živé kvety, which recently recorded a song about Natálka. “We want the church to be full. The concert is a benefit and the proceeds will all go to Natálka, to her medicines and education. The use of the money collected will be determined by those involved in Natálka’s future and that of her family,” said Fedor Gál.

The web page launched by Gál and his friends,, is about 3-year-old Natálka, who suffered serious burns over 80 % of her body after the arson attack in Vítkov. Natálka’s life was saved by doctors who today speak of her survival as a miracle. “Until the end of the year, the front page will be the only one active, and it includes a clock keeping track of how long she has been alive, we are going to add sound to it. There will be another page of text on which we can post news if it seems appropriate. At the end of the year we will add a video diary of our visits to her home, the accompanying texts will be illustrated with photos by Miro Švolík. We predict we will make six videos this year plus the clip from the concert for Natálka at the U Salvátora church in Prague,” Gál said.

The page will continue to develop in this spirit. “One fine day we plan to hand what we have created over to Natálka so she can continue her story herself. It will be an independent, self-sustained piece of work,” Gál said of the project’s future plans.

František Kostlán, Gwendolyn Albert, František Kostlán, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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