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July 1, 2022



British-Czech seminar on inclusive education to take place in Prague

Prague, 24.1.2012 18:51, (ROMEA)

A seminar on the topic of "Transferring good practice from Great Britain in the area of inclusive education, in particular the inclusion of Romani children and pupils from the Czech Republic in mainstream schools" will take place on 15 February at the British Embassy in Prague. With the aid of the British Embassy, the seminar is being run by the British organization Equality in collaboration with the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion in Romani Localities.

The aim of the round table is to bring together all of the relevant stakeholders involved in creating inclusive education for Romani children at local, regional and national level. The round table provides a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences and examples of good practice with professionals who have worked successfully in Great Britain with Romani pupils originally from the Czech Republic.

Those traveling to Prague from Britain for the seminar include teachers and a Romani community worker who works with a large number of Romani children originally from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Other participants include an education adviser from the British authority, a Romani police officer working in Britain who is originally from the Czech Republic, a curriculum adviser, and two teachers.

The discussion will be about mainstream education and the study conducted by Equality and the Roma Education Fund entitled "From Segregation to Inclusion: Roma Pupils in the United Kingdom" (available at The seminar is open to all interested participants, particularly school directors, teachers, and teaching assistants working in mainstream elementary schools and "practical" elementary schools; staffs of local and regional authorities working in the field of education, social affairs and social inclusion; staffs of non-profit organizations working with the Romani community, and others. The Prague seminar is one of five local seminars in the Czech Republic being held by Equality in collaboration with the Agency.

Gwendolyn Albert, jb, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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