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January 23, 2022



Burn victim Natálka’s health slightly improved, family members may have to reside separately

Vítkov (Opavsko), 23.6.2009 10:59, (ROMEA)

Two-year-old Natálka continues to recover from the results of the April arson attack on the home of Roma family in Vítkov. According to her mother, Anna Siváková, Natálka’s fever has broken and the doctors are successfully combating her infection. The family continues to seek substitute housing. Web server reports that, according to Siváková, no one wants to live next door to the victimized family.

"Today I spoke with the doctors and they told me her fever has thankfully broken and that it seems the infection, which was very dangerous, is going away,” Siváková told MF DNES. Natálka is lying in the burn ward of an Ostrava hospital.

By the start of June, people from the Czech Republic, Canada and the UK contributed more than CZK 700 000 for the Roma family, who lost the roof over their heads during the April attack. However, the Siváks have not succeeded in finding new accommodation yet. The eight family members continue to be crammed into two small rooms of a shelter in Vítkov.

"Over the weekend we might take a look at a flat that is available, but we are no longer hopeful. We already went to see one older house, and also another flat, but after the people let us know they did not want us as neighbors, the housing was suddenly no longer available for sale,” Anna Siváková said.

The family will evidently have to split up. While they all originally expressed the wish to remain living together in future, the search for housing is not working out. The grandmother and grandfather of the two-year old-child have decided to find separate housing.

"The atmosphere is getting heavy and it seems the grandparents may now go to live with some other relatives in a small house elsewhere in Vítkov. We are considering repairing that house with money from the public collection,” Mayor of Vítkov Pavel Smolka (independent) told Mediafax. So far, CZK 750 000 has been collected and further contributions are not expected. If some of that money is used to repair the small house for the grandparents, then the younger family, which has four children, will have to find new housing with the remaining funds.

Police intend to report on their progress in investigating the arson attack by the end of this week. For the time being, detectives have not gathered any testimonies that might lead to the capture of the perpetrators. The Moravian-Silesian Region is offering any eventual witnesses a reward of CZK 100 000 for “relevant information”. Roma organizations are offering another CZK 50 000 and the TV Nova station is offering CZK 100 000 as well.

Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA,, Mediafax, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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