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August 11, 2022



Commentary: Senator Doubrava the Czech equivalent of Kotleba in Slovakia

Prague, 4.12.2013 16:16, (ROMEA)
Czech Senator Jaroslav Doubrava (Severočeš
Czech Senator Jaroslav Doubrava (Severočeš

I am convinced that every social group, including senators, includes a few cunning hucksters. Czech Senator Doubrava (Severočeš definitely belongs to that category.

Even though the senator must know that our society has long been extensively robbed by the economic/political mafias, he has now shrewdly trotted out a "report" about how, in his personal experience, things work at the local social welfare office. To his potential voters,  he introduces, on the one hand, the ethnically pure mother of a sick child (without reference to her nationality), positing that until she is subjected to an official investigation of her true social need she is essentially entitled to nothing, and on the other hand, to use his terms, he introduces a "gypsy woman" who allegedly takes off her gold jewelry after taking a seat in the waiting room and spends her time making calls on a mobile phone that cost CZK 20 000.  

By "correctly" referring to ethnicity instead of resorting to the term "inadaptable", the senator has heroically proven to his potential voters that he knows how things should be done. In my judgment, he is just as slick as the Slovak extremist Kotleba, because instead of proposing legislative initiatives or denouncing the real economic wrong-doers in our society (which unfortunately most politicians only ever pretend to do), he presents his admirers (who, to be precise, are quitters just like him posing as insignificant, regular citizens) with the ethnic enemy and shows them how that enemy is abusing the social welfare system in such a sophisticated way that there will be nothing left over for the poor folks from the ranks of the lower 10 million "indigenous inhabitants" of the country and their sick children.

Let's be clear:  Even though I believe Senator Doubrava made up this entire story, I do admit that it is not out of the realm of possibility. However, that does not mean I will reconcile myself to the principle of spreading ethnic hatred being used by this extraordinarily obnoxious vote-hunter.

It is my judgment that all politicians are responsible for waging an uncompromising struggle against those economic/political mafias and against our legislatively-constructed powerlessness thanks to which there is no money in this country for anything constructive or meaningful. I am also wholeheartedly convinced that what our society does not need are cowardly politicians hunting for votes from cowardly citizens who have let the "top 10 000" crap on their heads for the last 24 years.

Unfortunately, people are taking heart from generalized ethnic hatred even more now, evidently so they can believe they are not cowards after all. Under no circumstances will this help them improve their lives.

On the contrary, they will just elect politicians like Senator Doubrava who don't want to do anything about the real ripoff of the state. In order to gain politicial influence (and a senator's salary), all he has to do is conveniently point the finger at the "inadaptable" ethnicity.

Written for Vaševě, published with the consent of the author 

František Štván, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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