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August 11, 2022



Commentary: When walls go up, freedom is brought down

Litvínov, 7.5.2012 1:16, (ROMEA)
Activist Miroslav Kováč

At the very beginning of the world, in the time when God blew the spirit of life into the bodies of human beings and called them people, he did something out of love for his creation that distinguishes humanity from the realm of animals. Aware of our covetousness and our rationality, our factiousness and our sensitivity, he gave us the option of making independent decisions in order to lead us toward our ability to differentiate. It came to pass that there in the Garden, under the Tree of Knowledge, human beings first distinguished between good and evil.

In his nakedness, Adam was cast out of the womb of Paradise as a punishment so that he might, in the bloody sweat of his face, carefully protect the painful gift he received from Eve. Naked, but with these gifts, we arrive in the world, but we often leave this world without them! We have carried the weight of Eve's gifts down the ages. For generations, we have filled a Red Sea with our worried tears. The mission of our return to human perfection, however, is yet to be understood by our reason.

Overwhelmed by our own deficiencies, by cynicism, and also by our lack of memory, we backwardly, voluntarily imprison ourselves behind walls shored up by prejudice, vehemently proclaiming phrases about people who are "free and equal in dignity and rights". In the name of consumerism, economic dependency and greed, we have mendaciously obligated ourselves to guaranteeing the provision of fundamental rights and freedoms to all irrespective of ancestry, faith or religion, language, membership in an ethnic or national minority, national or social origin, political or other sensibilities, race, sex, skin color, wealth, or other standing.

Today we live in a society where no one's rights should be violated, not even by others exercising their own fundamental rights and freedoms, because one person's rights cannot restrict those of another. We know it is not permitted for membership in an ethnic or national minority to become a detriment to those who are minority members. We declare that our homeland is one of equal, free citizens; that those citizens are aware of their obligations to one another and their responsibility to the whole; that we live in a democratic, free state based on respect for human rights and on the principles of a civil society where political decisions come from the will of the majority as expressed through free suffrage.

Are our politicians, however, mentally competent and determined to adhere to all of the well-tested principles of the rule of law? After all, the decisions of the majority in such a society also take protection for its minorities into account.

No society that is divided against itself can hold out. People can tell where they are when they cross the line - so why are the thieves who manage to successfully hide their plunder considered so sacred? They leave everyone else hopeless. With the satisfied impunity they are so kindly granted, they destroy everything that could link them to their crimes. Then they turn their hands to hate and denounce everyone around them. They fan the flames with their orations, they wallow in sanctimoniousness.

Czech Senator Pakosta, Czech Senator Doubrava, and Czech MP Chaloupka have all learned well from ultra-right party leader Tomáš Vandas how to keep their jobs. They have been building up a wall in this state. These legislators have all taken the following oath: "I pledge my loyalty to the Czech Republic. I pledge to preserve her Constitution and laws. I pledge on my honor to perform my duties in the interests of all people and according to my best conscience and consciousness."

Czech Senator Pakosta recently said the following: "In my opinion, the maniacal behavior of the inadaptable minority is growing to monstrous proportions and must be dealt with very radically and very rapidly. They are a band of thugs. They have no inhibitions and they are unwilling to accept the basic principle that the freedom of one individual ends where the freedom of another begins. When they see some property somewhere that they like, they just take it, they steal it. When someone gets in their way, then they stab him or kill him outright. That community is getting the feeling it can do anything it likes."

You're wrong, Mr Senator! Not even you can do anything you like. You are paid from our taxes to serve all of the people! You are bound by laws and by an oath you are ignoring! These are just some of the reasons why I have filed criminal charges against you.

Gwendolyn Albert, Miroslav Kováč, Miroslav Kováč, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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