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August 13, 2020



Conservative Czech website calls for removal of Muslims from Europe

Czech Republic, 28.7.2011 14:55, (ROMEA)

Concerns over the "Islamization" of Europe such as those Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik incorporated into his manifesto are not an unfamiliar topic in the Czech Republic. The most visible peddler of Islamophobia in the Czech language is the conservative website, which rejects multiculturalism, warns against the danger Islam allegedly poses to the continent, and even raises the question of removing Muslims from Europe altogether.

"Help maintain our Western values. Help reveal the real face of Islam. Help preserve Europe as we know her," proclaims a promotional banner requesting financial support for the website. Eurabia claims that it "distances itself from national hatred, racism, religious hatred and xenophobia", but practically everything it publishes about Islam and Muslims is negative.

A current debate on Eurabia, which started in the spring, is on the topic of "Deportation or de-Islamization?" Regular contributor Viktor Svoboda is reviving the theory of racial superiority in his postings. He mentions a foreign study that claims to show a direct correlation between a society's average IQ and its GDP. From other sources he cites statistics claiming that Britons or French people have higher IQs than Africans, Moroccans or Pakistanis. "The differences between the races are not unknown to us in our country. The average Czech IQ is 97 points, while the average Gypsy IQ is 80 points," Svoboda writes in his argument for "deportation".

"I don't want to seek a solution for integrating foreigners of the Muslim faith into Western society. They are coming to Europe at such an unreal pace that they are becoming the majority population in some areas, not the minority," Eurabia founder Adam B. Bartoš writes in a text entitled "Let's talk seriously about removing Muslims from Europe." "I believe the protection of Europe can't be achieved in any simpler way than by a radical separation from the Muslims. What I mean by that is the controlled removal of Muslims from Europe to their natural place (in the best-case scenario) or even to an unnatural environment."

"A Europe-wide, coordinated removal of Muslims would certainly raise many...questions... Are we able to perform it so that no one will die or suffer?" Bartoš is convinced this can be arranged: "The exemplary performance of the removal of Sudeten Germans from the territory of Czechoslovakia could become a model for all of Europe." Norwegian mass murderer Breivik also mentions the Czech removal of the Germans in his manifesto as an exemplary model.

Matyáš Zrno, the newly-appointed deputy to the Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner, is also a regular contributor to Eurabia. For more about him, please see

Gwendolyn Albert,, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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