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July 6, 2020
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Council of Europe's ROMACT project is seeking facilitators - deadline THURSDAY

15.2.2016 22:17

The ROMACT project is seeking facilitators to collaborate with local authorities and Romani communities in the Czech Republic - the deadline for applying is 18 February 2016. At this moment the call for applications concerns the areas of Budišov nad Budišovkou, Litvínov, Rokycany and Vítkov.

The ideal candidate will have experience with this issue and practical insight into what it entails. The ROMACT program is a Europe-wide effort that has been working in the Czech Republic since last year.

The program's aim is to create platforms that facilitate communication between local legislators, members of the general public, and members of the Romani minority living in excluded localities. Pilot implementations of these activities will gradually expand during the year to include other localities with a significant representation of members of the Romani minority, such as Most, Varnsdorf, and other towns and villages.

An experienced facilitator will work in these localities to especially motivate their inhabitants to be active citizens, or to identify and then train appropriate representatives for the localities. The ROMACT team also aims to aid representatives of towns and villages, especially in the area of fundraising for activities that will lead to improving the situation in the socially excluded localities and establishing a friendly atmosphere between the inhabitants of those localities and members of the majority society. 


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