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May 17, 2022



Czech actor Roman Zach supports Romani celebrity's stance against neo-Nazi band on live tv broadcast

5.12.2016 6:29
Actor Roman Zach on the Czech Television program
Actor Roman Zach on the Czech Television program "Star Dance". (PHOTO: Czech Television)

More performing artists in the Czech Republic have been publicly expressing their support for the Romani singer Radek Banga. During this year's award ceremony for the popular music competition "Český slavík" (Czech Nightingale), Banga took a stand against the xenophobic band Ortel when it won second place for a second year in a row.

The actor Roman Zach recently took advantage of an opportunity to express support for Banga during a live Czech Television broadcast of the "Star Dance" show. Banga was a participant in that program last year also.

"I would like to say hello to Radek Banga because I'm all for him, I want to give him a big round of applause because he needs it and it's important," Zach said to great applause from the studio audience. "Beautiful," responded Star Dance moderator Tereza Kostková.

Banga has previously been supported by other performers such as Ben Cristovao, Marta Jandová, Iva Pazderková and the moderator Jan Tuna. The singer Anna K. also added her support after the Star Dance broadcast, taking a photo with Radek and flashing the "V for victory" hand gesture.

Both Banga and his brother Patrik have been targeted with racist attacks by fans of the Ortel band after Banga made his protest. Racists have also threatened to burn down the editorial offices of the news server, which was the first to break the news of Banga's gesture of protest after it happened during the live broadcast of the awards ceremony.

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