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October 26, 2021



Czech Agency for Social Inclusion in Romani Localities and Šluknov create 26 jobs

Šluknov, 30.3.2012 17:18, (ROMEA)

In the town of Šluknov, 26 new jobs are being created for the long-term unemployed. The project, called "Learn and Work" ("Uč se a pracuj"), jointly designed by Šluknov municipality and the local consultant from the government's Agency for Social Inclusion, will first involve the unemployed in re-qualification courses and then offer them jobs maintaining public greenery.

"The town of Šluknov has received approval for its 'Learn and Work' project, thanks to which a total of 26 citizens over the age of 50 will be hired for two years. Given the high level of unemployment in our region, this is a very positive piece of news for us and especially for those citizens who will at least have a chance of getting a job here now," Mayor of Šluknov Eva Džumanová said.

"This project is a concrete, positive example of the Agency's work in Šluknov. Every future similar project will be able to significantly contribute to preventing the conflicts we witnessed last year," said Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Monika Šimůnková, referring to last year's anti-Romani demonstrations.

"Low qualifications are an obstacle to many people living in excluded localities to get permanent employment, especially in places where the job opportunities are generally few and far between. Their low, irregular incomes are one reason they commit petty crime, and that is the cause of other conflicts with the majority society," said Monika Šimůnková.

"People who often have almost given up hope that their situations might change any time soon will see that their efforts and involvement in a longer-term project can pay off. They will be an excellent example to the other residents," explained Agency director Martin Šimáček.

Residents of Šluknov who have low qualifications and have long been enrolled with the Labor Office as job-seekers will be offered the opportunity to participate in this project. Of those who show interest, 40 will be educated through re-qualification courses that will last several months. Jobs will be offered to 26 course graduates. Most of the jobs will involve maintaining municipal greenery.

The project is being funded with CZK 6 million from the European Union. It was designed in part by a local consultant from the Agency for Social Inclusion. "The Agency will assist other towns in Šluknov district in designing similar projects. We are currently negotiating with two other interested municipalities on designing employment projects," said Hana Volfová, the local consultant from the Agency in the Šluknov district.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, tisková zpráva, Press Release of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion in Romani Localities, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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