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June 27, 2022



Czech Association of Roma Entrepreneurs and Associations endorses Drahoš, calls on Roma to turn out

26.1.2018 6:51

The President of the Association of Roma Entrepreneurs and Associations of the Czech Republic, Vladimír Leško, has published a video on YouTube aimed at Romani people asking them to take an active part in the election of the President of the Czech Republic in the second round of voting, which begins today and continues tomorrow until 2 pm. Leško, together with other members of the association, clearly declares on YouTube that he will vote for Jiří Drahoš.

Some Romani students also speak in the video. "The President has the power to influence public opinion on important political and social issues and thus to influence our future," says Vladimír Kočko, a student at the University of Law and Business in Ostrava.

"We will choose a president who will base his time in office on bringing all of us together without drawing distinctions, such as those of nationality and skin color. Not a President who bases his administration on insults and untrue information," Kočko says.

"Let's vote!" the college student urges his fellow Romani voters. High school student Denisa Horváthová then appeals to Romani voters who live abroad and have Czech citizenship to take part in the election as well.

voj, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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