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January 16, 2021



Czech Bar Association calls on its members to service refugees pro bono

23.9.2015 21:46
The Bělá-Jezová foreigner detention facility in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  Google Maps)
The Bělá-Jezová foreigner detention facility in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Google Maps)

The board of the Czech Bar Association reviewed motions at its meeting on 14 and 15 September concerning the problems of ensuring the rights of immigrants from Africa and Arab countries who find themselves on Czech territory. The Czech Bar Association has no ambition to address political matters, but is concerned about indications that these people's rights might be violated.  

These people are sometimes being detained in undignified conditions, for example, in former prisons. They are frequently not provided with enough information about their legal position, their money has been confiscated, and measures that are to a certain degree repressive are being applied even to minors.  

Anybody who finds herself or himself on Czech territory has the Constitutional right to legal aid. In this situation, these people especially need legal information that will aid them with understanding the state's procedures as well as the opportunity to defend themselves against measures that do not confirm to domestic law or international norms and treaties.

The leadership of the Czech Bar Association is therefore calling on all attorneys, especially attorneys working in the regions where detention facilities for these people are located, to join the PRO BONO activities providing legal services to immigrants. Should it be necessary, the Czech Bar Association is prepared to contribute to paying for related expenditures or to cover them entirely.  

press release of the Czech Bar Association, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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