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September 22, 2020



Czech DSSS supporter tells court that "gypsies" and homeless people are better off dead

Prague, 16.3.2015 16:50, (ROMEA)
In 2013 the
In 2013 the "Night Outside" (Noc venku) event tried to generate solidarity with homeless people in Prague. (PHOTO: David Tesař)

Jan Mokrý (age 24), who is accused of the attempted murder of two homeless men, told the court today that his intention had been to torture them. He also said he regrets that they survived his attack.

The college student of mathematics and physics, who is an adherent of the Workers' Social Justice Party (DSSS) and says Adolf Hitler is a big role model of his, is alleged to have also physically attacked another homeless man as well. Speaking in court, Mokrý emphasized that he chose to attack the "homeless with a capital H", which to him means people who are "just pretending" to have no home when in reality they do temporary work and possess brand-name goods.  

Speaking before the Prague Municipal Court, Mokrý said he had carried out a "modern genocide" against homeless people. He is said to have been planning their murders since the year 2012.  

"I told him to stop shouting or it would be even worse. I wanted him to suffer, to experience his death, to die slowly. He did not deserve a rapid death. Unfortunately, I did not succeed in killing him because the knife broke," Mokrý testified regarding one of his attacks.

The defendant spoke of his selected victims as "creeps number 1 through 5". He is said to have thoroughly prepared their murders but rejects any characterization of himself as mentally ill.

During the first attack, for example, Mokrý is said to have typed the following on his tablet device:  "Goal:  One homeless man and gypsy less, which will improve the situation in the Czech Republic." He is also said to have written another note to himself that read:  "During Nazism this would not have been possible."

The indictment states that Mokrý committed his first attack on 12 April 2014 in the Libeň quarter of Prague at 2:30 AM. Armed with two knives, he is alleged to have approached a homeless man lying on the ground in a sleeping bag, to have immobilized him, and to have told him that he hates the homeless and had already murdered one of them.  

Mokrý then called the police and, once they arrived, began to shout that he had a weapon and that the man was his hostage. Ultimately he put the knives down on the instruction of the police officers without physically injuring the man.

The officers took Mokrý to a psychiatric treatment facility, where the doctors found him to be sane. The student then committed a second attack on 28 June in the Vrchlický sady park, again after selecting a victim.    

He assaulted the sleeping homeless person in the park using one of three knives brought with him. The attack severed an artery in the homeless man's forearm.  

According to the indictment, the homeless man only survived because a witness heard his cries and ran to his aid. Mokrý took the bleeding man's bag and fled, but was arrested by local police a few streets over.  

"I mapped out the homeless and won their trust. When it was time, I would work out a problem, like some sort of hard differential equation, and then make the decision to kill someone. I am proud of these deeds, just like the boys who attempted to murder Natálie," Mokrý said, referring to a Molotov cocktail attack committed against a Romani family in the year 2009.

The defendant also complained in court about his mother, who works as a nurse and who allegedly gives him so little money that he has to work at a fast food restaurant during his studies in order to make money. "She didn't give me what I wanted. The Christians stabbed me in the back too," he told the court, adding that he had previously been a believer.

Mokrý faces between 15 and 20 years in prison, as well as the possibility of extraordinary sentencing. In court today he also claimed to have set another homeless man on fire in March 2014, but police do not believe that confession.

ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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