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May 19, 2022



Czech ecumenical service sends wishes of good fortune and good health to Romani people on their day

8.4.2021 13:39

Members of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic, its Commission for the Roma and their friends, including the preachers and priests Ondřej Kováč, Zdeno Žiga, Žaneta Černochová, Pavel Pokorný, Mikuláš Vymětal, Zdeněk Břeň, the Rabbi David Maxa, and Romani activists Josef Miker, Daniela Cincibusová and Růžena Ďorďová have prepared a celebratory ecumenical service on the occasion of World Romani Day; given the current measures in place to combat the pandemic, this service could not be held in a classic, in-person form this year, and therefore the organizers have moved it to the virtual space. "My wish for you, in the words of your beautiful national anthem, is that you will walk along lucky roads and that you and your loved ones will be healthy," Rabbi David Maxa wished to Romani people during the service.

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