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June 6, 2020
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Czech EP elections won by ANO, TOP 09, SocDems, Romani parties failed

Prague, 26.5.2014 1:41, (ROMEA)
The European Parliament. (PHOTO:  JLogan, Wikimedia Commons)
The European Parliament. (PHOTO: JLogan, Wikimedia Commons)

The EP elections have been won in the Czech Republic by the ANO movement with 16.3 % of the vote. The TOP 09 party came in second with 15.95 %, the Czech Social Democrats (ČSSD) third at 14.17 %, the Communists (KSČM) fourth at 10.98 %, the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL) fifth at 9.95 % and the Civic Democrats (ODS) sixth at 7.67 % of the vote.

The Party of Free Citizens (Strana svobodných občanů - SSO) will also have one MEP, as it won 5.24 % of the vote. The victorious ANO party won four seats, as did ČSSD and TOP 09.

The KDU-ČSL and KSČM will each receive three seats, the ODS two, and the SSO one. Participation in this year's EP vote was the lowest ever of any statewide election in the Czech Republic.

Only 18.2 % of voters turned out. More than 1 % of the vote was won by the Czech Pirate Party, the Greens, and the Dawn of Direct Democracy (Úsvit) of Czech MP Tomio Okamura, as well as by the Common Sense Party - We Don't Want the Euro (Strana zdravého rozumu - Nechceme euro).

Parties receiving more than 1 % of the vote will receive a state subsidy of CZK 30 (EUR 1) per vote. The Equal Opportunities Party (Strana rovných příležitostí - SRP) received 0.04 % of all ballots cast (640 votes), while the Romani Democratic Party received 0.07 % (11 854 votes).  

ODS lost seven seats in the EP compared to the last elections, the Communists one and the Social Democrats three. The Christian Democrats gained a seat.

Five years ago, ODS won the EP elections with 31.45 % of the vote. The second-place Social Democrats won 22.38 % of the vote and the Communists came in third with 14.18 %.

The Christian Democrats came in fourth five years ago, with 7.64 % of the vote. No other parties made it into the EP back then.

Turnout for the 2009 elections in the Czech Republic was 28.22 %. The 2014 EP results now show that the ANO movement, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, has done worse than during last year's parliamentary elections.

In 2013, ANO received 18.65 % of the vote and came in second place. The parliamentary elections were won with 20.45 % of the vote by ČSSD, with the KSČM coming in third place at 14.91 %.

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