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June 30, 2022



Czech excluded localities' renewal to be funded from EU money

Most, North Bohemia, 4.12.2008 10:01, (ROMEA)

The town of Most has prepared the projects for the revitalisation of its two problematic localities that are expected to be co-funded from the EU integration operational programme, Karel Borecky, town hall designer manager, said in an open discussion on the plan today.

The plan for the development of the town's deprived territories includes the Chanov housing estate and an area around the block of flats number 100 where Romanies and unadaptable residents live.

Its goal is to improve the environment and the quality of life on the housing estates on the outskirts of the town and improve relations and cooperation between town residents, Borecky said at an open meeting of the town hall that discussed the integration plan.

The integration plan is a series of projects aimed at education, employment, social services but also the reconstruction of apartment blocks, the revitalisation of public premises, the improvement of security and the prevention of crime.

The projects are expected to be implemented within seven years and the date of the completion of all measures is set for June 30, 2015.

"The costs of the implementation of all projects are 510 million crowns. Most of the projects will be funded from the EU integration operational programme and the town's share in the expenses is 134 million crowns," Borecky said.

Apart from the reconstruction of blocks of flats and the revitalisation of both housing estates, including parking lots, the integration plan also includes the reconstruction of the elementary school at Chanov, the building of a poly-functional centre and a pedestrian and transport connection of both localities, he said.

"Socially-oriented projects are also part of the plan. They will focus, for instance, on the spare time of residents of excluded localities, their health and the provision of registered social services," Borecky said.

Town councillors will discuss the integrated plan on December 18.

"If it is approved we will submit it to the Local Development Ministry that is the coordinator of the EU integration operational programme," Borecky said.

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