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August 8, 2022



Czech football hooligans' racism against black player to be addressed by disciplinary commission

24.6.2020 8:31
Jean-David Beauguel, photo from a video. (2020)
Jean-David Beauguel, photo from a video. (2020)

The disciplinary commission of the Czech Republic's Assocation of Football Leagues has begun a proceedings with the Sigma Olomouc team over the racist behavior of some of their fans toward Jean-David Beauguel, who plays for Plzeň. The incident was scheduled to be dealt with last week during the commission's regular Thursday convening.

Sigma Olomouc wants to ban those responsible from entering the stadium, and if the disciplinary commission fines the club, it will sue the fans for damages. During a league match at home on a Sunday, Sigma Olomouc fans targeted Beauguel after Plzeň won 1:0.

Some people in the stands imitated monkey sounds as the black French footballer walked past. The disciplinary commission began the proceedings on 16 June after receiving a report on the incident from its delegate in charge of technical matters.

"We firmly believe these were isolated utterances by discrete individuals, but that does not make the situation any less serious. We appreciate the active approach of the organizer and we believe the club in Olomouc will manage to identify the persons involved and take adequate measures against them," the association said in a statement.

Beauguel and the management of Plzeň sharply condemned the behavior of the fans immediately after the match and Sigma Olomouc has apologized. "Sigma Olomouc thoroughly condemns the racist utterances made by some individuals among the fan group in the southern stands towards Jean-David Beauguel. Under no circumstances does that kind of behavior belong in a football stadium," the club said in an online statement.

"In the name of our club, we apologize to Jean-David Beauguel and to the entire Viktoria Plzeň club. Once we noticed those utterances, the organizing service immediately intervened and those involved in the incident were escorted from the stadium," said Milan Zapletal, manager of security for Sigma Olomouc.

Sigma Olomouc wants to restrict access to the stadium for those responsible. "Some of those involved were identified after the incident and we are accumulating evidentiary material about others. We will do everything in our power to make sure these people never enter the stadium again. If the club will be financially punished, it will initiate criminal proceedeings against these people and sue them for damages," Sigma Olomouc posted to social media.

redakce, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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