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September 28, 2022



Czech Islamophobes have a problem: Konvička has quit yet another political party and Facebook has closed their hate page

13.12.2016 12:41
Followers of the group
Followers of the group "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" gathered on 16 January 2015 in front of Prague Castle. (PHOTO: Jan Čonka,

The Islamophobe Martin Konvička has left the political party "Alternative for the Czech Republic" (Alternativa pro Českou republiku) after unsuccessfully running as its candidate in the October Senate elections in the Tábor area. On Facebook he has posted that he stopped believing in the party's project.

Konvička said the reason is that the party was not able to get rid of the deficiencies that led to the Czech Government deciding last week to propose that the court order it to cease its activity. Another blow was dealt to the Islamophobes by Facebook, who closed down the hate page called "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" (Islám v ČR nechceme).

The would-be politician confirmed to the Czech News Agency on 9 December that he was ending his work in the party as of that day. "Everything came to a head after the party was mentioned in the Government's motion to halt its activity. The leadership of the party was not able to get rid of the serious deficiencies in that matter," he posted to Facebook.

Prior to the elections the party was led by a close friend of Konvička's, Petr Hampl, but after their failure he had to resign as chair. On 9 December Hampl posted to Facebook that he would remain a rank and file member but that it had been naive for the party to be established without clear financing.

Konvička is an entomologist who in the past has been charged with inciting hatred of the religion of Islam for declaring that Muslims would one day be "ground into bone meal" and came in next-to-last in the elections in the Tábor district. "I am not ending either my political or social engagement under any circumstances," he has posted to Facebook.

The activist also leads an initiative that is named after him. The "Alternative for the Czech Republic" party was mentioned in Czech Interior Ministry materials approved by the cabinet last week.

According to those materials, the Government is proposing that the Supreme Administrative Court halt the activity of 29 movements and parties and that another 13 be dissolved. The reason is that they provided incomplete financial reporting to the audit process run by the Chamber of Deputies.

Facebook blocks Islamophobic page after young woman gets death threats

Last Thursday Facebook once again blocked the hate page "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic". Prior to being blocked the page had more than 70 000 fans.

The profile of the hate group was not accessible as of last Monday afternoon. The Facebook page was previously completely deleted in January 2016, when it had more than 160 000 fans.

Facebook also blocked access to it in 2014, and now, after deleting several hate posts from it, it has blocked it again. The page has, for example, published the information that a young Czech woman had published an advertisement through social networks in which she was attempting to aid Afghans with acquiring all of the necessary residence permits from the Czech authorities to remain in the country.

That Facebook post of hers was shared by the hate page with all of her personal information. The woman was then targeted with death threats.

ČTK, ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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