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Czech Justice Minister: State has no solution for social exclusion, Romani children not on an equal footing with others

13.3.2018 6:18
Robert Pelikán (PHOTO: ROMEA TV)
Robert Pelikán (PHOTO: ROMEA TV)

Speaking in an interview for ROMEA TV, Czech Justice Minister Robert Pelikán (ANO) said the state has not yet managed to introduce even a hint of a solution for addressing the problems that arise in socially excluded localities. "This is a big problem for the people living in such localities and it is also a problem for those living near those places," he said.

The minister said he had not been especially surprised by his recent visit to such excluded localities, but was most surprised by what a powerless position the state is in when it comes to dealing with traffickers in poverty and how it lacks influence over the amounts of public funding paid to such persons. He also reiterated his view that the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) party of Czech MP Tomio Okamura is a Fascist party and that a Government that would either directly include the SPD or be supported by them would be de facto political suicide for the ANO movement.

According to Pelikán, the Czech Government Council for Romani Minority Affairs does have significance and he will do his best for that advisory council to have more of a practical impact. He believes Romani people should influence what happens in Czech society as a regular part of it.

He believes it is necessary, however, to do something to make that possible. "The starting line for Romani children is much worse than it is for children from the majority and we should aid them with equalizing that, at least a bit. This is an area I want to dedicate attention to," said the minister, who also wants to focus on amendments to the laws on bankruptcy and debt relief.

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