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November 29, 2020



Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry allocating CZK 10.5 million to projects combating social exclusion

Prague, 24.10.2009 12:28, (ROMEA)

The Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry will allocate CZK 10.5 million (EUR 386 000) to projects aimed at addressing poverty and social exclusion. Ministry spokesperson Štěpánka Filipová announced the allocation to ČTK last Thursday.

"One of the key thematic areas is the danger of social exclusion faced by those who are insolvent,” Filipová said. Such funding will be directed at projects focused, for example, on facilitating labor market access for the disadvantaged, supporting housing, and addressing homelessness. Regions, municipalities, confederated municipalities, civic associations, church organizations and schools have until 20 November to apply for funding. The ministry is willing to support each project with anywhere between CZK 100 000 and CZK 1 000 000.

Information on the provisos for being awarded a subsidy is available on the Labor Ministry’s web page. The European Union is contributing financing to the program.

The ministry also recently announced an even more extensive program aimed at helping socially excluded people living in the most at-risk Roma localities return to the labor market and into society. CZK 557.7 million (EUR 21.5 million) has been newly allocated for this purpose from EU funds and the state budget. The call for tenders has been published by the ministry at

More than CZK 474 million of the total volume of these subsidies comes from the EU Structural Funds, while the Czech state is providing co-financing of approximately CZK 84 million. The subsidy is part of the Integrated Operational Program. Applications were being accepted as of 30 September, but those interested can apply until mid-2013. The projects must be realized by 30 June 2015 at the latest.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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