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July 4, 2020
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Czech Military Intelligence: Ultra-right lacks leaders, individuals still dangerous

Prague, 2.11.2014 19:39, (ROMEA)
The seal of the Military Intelligence service of the Czech Republic.
The seal of the Military Intelligence service of the Czech Republic.

Ultra-right extremists in the Czech Republic do not have a leading figure capable of coordinating their activities. That is the assessment of the Military Intelligence service's annual report for 2013.  

According to analysts, extremist-minded individuals remain a security threat, in particular those who radicalize. Last year intelligence analysts noted a new feature among neo-Nazis in the ranks of the Army, namely, a rise in their violent behavior.  

Analysts also noted a mingling of "neo-Nazi neo-Nazi ideology and manifestations with radicalisation of individuals", mostly recruiting from among football hooligans. Military Intelligence primarily follows sympathizers of right-wing extremism who are Czech soldiers and activities that might pose a risk to the defense of the Czech Republic.

The "Extremism" section of the English-language version of the Military Intelligence annual report (page 18) reads as follows:

 In compliance with its statutory authorisation, the Military Intelligence primarily focused in the sphere of extremism on identifying active members and sympathisers of right-wing extremism and their activities repesenting a risk in the realm of defence. A relatively new trait in the monitoring of extremist manifestations with the MoD personnel is the growing violence in the context of ultra-right structures. Indications were intercepted of mingling neo-Nazi ideology and manifestations with radicalisation of individuals mostly recruiting from among football hooligans.

During 2013, the Military Intelligence had an information involvement in an operation by the Czech Police Organised Crime Detection Unit to apprehend persons belonging to the group of right-wing radicals, who were later charged with illegal acquisition and possession of firearms. A soldier of the Czech Armed Forces, member of rightwing extremist (REX) hardcore, played the key role in that group.

Based on assessed observations by the Military Intelligence, activities by supporters of right-wing extremism remained uncoordinated. Same as in the civilian sector, the ultra right wing grouping formed of MoD personnel lacks a leading personality capable of coordinating activities of rightwing extremists. Individuals with extremist thinking, especially those showing elements of increasing radicalisation, remain a security threat.

ČTK, ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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