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March 4, 2021



Czech MP wants to close nonprofits, Romani psychology student diagnoses him

15.12.2017 6:39
Roman Koky (PHOTO:  Petr Zewlakk Vrabec)
Roman Koky (PHOTO: Petr Zewlakk Vrabec)

As a young child I used to dream that one day a phase would arise in human society where the main priority would be empathy, love and peace. Unfortunately, I am 21 years old now and nothing of the sort has come to pass yet.

People have now been elected by this society to lead its Government who are doing their best to achieve the exact opposite. [Czech PM] Babiš is promising the Czech nation material security and permanent economic growth while he has so far applied those priorities just to himself, and I am not afraid to say that [Czech MP] Okamura, an individual with a strong inclination toward an instinctual desire for power, is somebody who it is very easy to diagnose as having, at a minimum, an inferiority complex and a personality disorder.

We have horrors of the greatest calibre behind us already. The Holocaust, communism and the totalitarian regime were trends that did not respect people's right to life, trends with psychopaths leading them.

Now we have before us the ANO movement and the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement, trends where hypocrisy, intolerance, materialism and selfishness know no bounds. The personalities leading them are, once again, very unstable psychopaths.

Why is it important to know our history? So we can learn from the errors of the past and move forward toward a progressive society constantly developing in a better way.

Unfortunately, the current political situation is convincing us that there is an absolute ignoring of history underway, an error that is incessantly repeating itself. All of the ancient, well-known thinkers and wise people conceived of the natural task of a state as controlling affairs rationally.

Okamura's concept is that it is the natural task of the state to control affairs through hatred, through the incitement of this society. This is not just about what may be a deeply pathological personality who is aiming to disseminate evil in all directions, this is also about a personality who is publicly demonstrating his ignorance of the very meaning of basic political science terminology, as a genuine democracy has always been considered, from antiquity, as emphasizing equality, freedom and human rights.

Mr Okamura is apparently doing his best to change the meaning of these concepts, as "direct democracy" and "freedom", in his conception, are equated with a deep dislike of multiculturalism and resentment of religious freedom. Dear Mr Okamura, where there is no equality, friendship does not last.

Okamura is, therefore, a textbook example of the saying that wise people speak because they have something to say, while fools speak just to hear themselves talk. His recent appearance at a press briefing by the SPD prior to the lower house convening involved these words:  "We want to stop organizations promoting multi-culti education and Islam, immigration...".

Let's set the record straight:  The Freedom and Direct Democracy party (or the Unfreedom and Tyranny Party?) wants to stop any activity by nonprofit organizations involved with furthering the prosperity of human society, with freedom, and mainly, with the stopping of racial intolerance. Despite the existence of Tomio Okamura, however, I am convinced that, just as darkness is merely a lack of light and evil is a lack of good, the SPD is just indicative of a lack of moral values.

In the words of an eminent psychologist who survived the concentration camps, Viktor Emanuel Frankl: "You can use the stones that somebody else puts in your way to build a cathedral, even." Mr Okamura, you and your mindset are the reason why, as a Romani man, I will always do my best, with all of my strength, to make sure the Romani community becomes the reason why one day you will realize your presumptions are absolutely erroneous.


On inclusive education

"Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize here that the money we want to take away from inclusion is something we consider harmful and unnecessary because Czech special education used to function very well. [...] We have damaged what we built up here that was basically positive. It has been ruined by inclusion. As far as inclusion goes, we never voted for more inclusion in education. It damages both the children living with disabilities and the children who want a quality education. The educator community is complaining, and I would like to communicate here that we do not want to reassign those billions just to raise the level of educators‘ salaries, but also to raise the level of the salaries of staffers who are not educators."

On nonprofit organizations

"We would like to take money away from all nonprofit organizations with a political program, because we in the SPD movement have it in our program that we want to close down all state financing of all nonprofit organizations with a political program. These are the profiteers who promote Islam, here, multi-culti education, immigration, ROMEA. These nonprofits basically contribute nothing and essentially have understandably not managed to integrate anybody during the last 20 years [laughs], what else would you expect? This means that we want to absolutely cut those nonprofits off from any kind of public financing. [...] By the way, a further shift that we certainly want to achieve during our time in office is to design a law so that all nonprofit organizations with more than CZK 500 000 [EUR 19 000] in income from abroad must classify themselves as nonprofits with foreign income, i.e., their financing comes from abroad [...] so we know which direction the wind is blowing from."

The author is a student of psychology.

Roman Koky, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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