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January 25, 2021



Czech Neo-Nazis planned terrorist attacks, abductions of police

Prague, 6.11.2009 8:25, (ROMEA)

The neo-Nazi organization White Justice has been preparing terrorist attacks and planning abductions of police officers and “highly positioned Jews” in the Czech Republic, the daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) reports. At training camps inside the country, their members have been learning how to destroy property, set cars on fire, and fight both with weapons and without them. The trainings and communications took place in strict secrecy. MfD reports its sources for the information are a secret neo-Nazi website and the testimonies of the founding members of White Justice, Filip Stránský and Lukáš Sedláček.

MfD reports that Filip Stránský is evidently the head of the whole organization, or is at least considered to be the head by some of its members. Stránský himself denies this. The organization has arranged a total of four training camps (so-called “fight camps”) where professional soldier Lukáš Sedláček taught those interested the basics of attacking specific people or buildings. The group also ran a project called “Red Watch” through which the neo-Nazis intended to monitor and terrorize their “ideological enemies”, mainly anarchists and police officers. MfD reports that police found plans for the hydroelectric station in Železný Brod during a search of the home of one of the group’s founders.

"I am one of the founders of this organization. It was founded by me, Filip Stránský and a person by the name of Jana," Sedláček told police. MfD has reviewed the transcripts of his interrogation. The professional soldier from the Tábor subdivision confessed to having trained about 30 people in hand-to-hand combat, with weapons and without them, and in attacks on both living and inanimate targets. He also trained them in techniques for setting cars on fire and destroying other property.

Stránský claims he was responsible for managing the White Justice web servers. He is said to have received his instructions through the internet, but does not know who sent them. During the trainings and internet communication, anonymity was a condition of participation. Everyone presented themselves with nicknames only. "We only knew one another in very small groups in order to maintain secrecy. That way if one person was discovered, the rest of the organization would not be at risk,” Stránský said.

Sedláček also testified that for the most part the individual members of the group do not know one another. In order to maintain secrecy, they communicate electronically on web servers located abroad, most of which were security coded. One is based in the USA and a second is based in Israel.

"The WJ organization is here to do the dirty work. Today we know who the Jews and their minions are. It is unrealistic to get rid of the most highly-placed Jew in just one week, but it is realistic to gradually rise up the pyramid of those who rule the earth to the very top,” an author nicknamed The Editor writes on the secret website. In an interview for MfD, Stránský admitted to using this name to access the web pages.

Two weeks ago, police arrested part of this extremist group for promoting Nazism. "We have been following this group on the suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks,” Robert Šlachta, director of the Organized Crime Detection Unit (Útvar pro odhalování organizovaného zločinu - ÚOOZ) said.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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