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August 11, 2022



Czech NGO quarterly newsletter about foreign nationals focuses on the situation in Ukraine and refugees in the Czech Republic

8.6.2022 7:55
Bulletin Slovo
Bulletin Slovo

The most recent issue of Bulletin Slovo, the quarterly newsletter that the Slovo 21 organization has been publishing for almost 20 years, is dedicated to the current situation in Ukraine and tells the stories of those who had to flee the February invasion by Russia and the ongoing war. Previous issues have featured interviews with interesting people who have immigrated to the Czech Republic, such as the actor and director Morvarid Ramezani from Iran, or the surgeon Edib Jaganjac. 

A lot of humor has also been contributed to the newsletter by Do Thu Trang, who writes the Asi.jatka blog, which is popular in the Czech Republic. The pieces by Marwan Alsolaiman, a physics teacher, and doctor Samira Sibai, both Czech citizens of Syrian origin, are also funny and instructive. 

"Bulletin Slovo also features reportages and invitations to events that are interesting and multicultural, as well as recipes from all over the world. In addition, this quarterly provides information that is quite important for foreign national integration," said Vojtěch Lavička of Slovo 21.

"You can test how demanding it would be to apply for Czech citizenship or learn how Czech language courses run. The bulletin also aids people from all over the world with making connections and contributes to deeper cross-cultural understanding," Lavička said.

"You can read it for free on the website of our project We're Not Strangers (Nejsme si cizí), which provides objective information about foreign nationals through interviews, reportages, articles and videos," Lavička said. Bulletin Slovo can be downloaded for free HERE (Czech language only).

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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