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August 9, 2022



Czech Police apprehend youth who desecrated Romani genocide memorial with pig's head

8.5.2018 6:50
--ilustrační foto--
--ilustrační foto--

Detectives in Písek have managed to solve a case from February involving somebody placing a pig's head at the memorial to the Holocaust and its Romani victims in the community of Lety u Písku. Detectives initially worked with a minimum of information, thoroughly investigating each clue and minor detail until they accessed more specific information for assessment.

When assessing the facts, detectives first received a rough description of the vehicle used by the suspect to drive to the memorial site. By analyzing different clues and collaborating with experts and specialists they traced the specific vehicle and the male suspect.

A detective from the criminal police service launched the prosecution of the man, born in 1991, for felony disorderly conduct yesterday. The accused youth is cooperating with detectives and has never had problems with the law before - according to him, he wanted to express his disagreement with the expenditure of state financing to buy out the pig farm located on the site of the former concentration camp.

The defendant is alleging that his action was a prank without a racist subtext. By making his protest in this way, however, he has committed actions that meet the definition of a felony and is now facing prosecution.

brf, press release of the Czech Police, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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