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August 14, 2022



Czech Police arrest right-wing extremists who were arming themselves

Prague, 5.12.2013 17:26, (ROMEA)
The weapon confiscated during a house search of one of the defendants. (Source:  Police of the Czech Republic)
The weapon confiscated during a house search of one of the defendants. (Source: Police of the Czech Republic)

Detectives from the Organized Crime Detection Unit (Útvar pro odhalování organizovaného zločinu - ÚOOZ) arrested five men from the Bruntál and Olomouc areas at the end of November and charged them with possessing weapons without permits. During house searches the detectives found weapons, dozens of kilograms of gunpowder, explosives and ammunition, as well as ultra-right themed materials.  

One of the suspects is a soldier. Detectives have been investigating information from military intelligence regarding the domestic right-wing extremist scene in northern Moravia since the start of 2013, police reported today on their website.

"We arrested a total of five persons as part of this action, all of whom were charged with possessing weapons without permits," Pavel Hanták, the ÚOOZ spokesperson, confirmed to TV Nova. Those arrested range in age from 26 to 33 and face between two and eight years in prison if convicted.

During the past few months the investigation, part of an action code-named Timothy, began to confirm that the men had illegal arms. "According to the detectives' information, the main suspect had reportedly hidden what was primarily a larger amount of ammunition and material for producing it (cartridges, gunpowder and shot) in his home, in his previous place of residence, and at his workplace. He was also reportedly producing ammunition to order, either in his home or at his job," the police press release reads. 

The five men were arrested on 26 November by ÚOOZ detectives in collaboration with other police units. According to police information, another detained suspect was purveying weapons made to order. 

That particular suspect had illegally produced hundreds of rounds both at his home and workplace. "The amount confiscated is rather large," Hanták said.      

Among those detained is a Czech solder who is also a right-wing extremist. "One professional soldier also figures in the case. He is a sergeant from the unit in Žatec working as a driver," Czech Defense Ministry spokesperson Jan Pejšek has confirmed.  

During the house searches, police found several illegal firearms, both long-barreled and short-barreled, a silencer, several dozen electric detonating fuses, components for devices for ammunition clips, a large amount of already-produced ammunition, dozens of kilograms of gunpowder and thousands of ignition caps, bullets and empty shell casings. "Ultra-right themed materials were also discovered," police said, adding that there is no other information to provide about the case right now.  

Czech soldiers use Glock pistols, the same make of pistol confiscated by police in this action. The Czech Defense Ministry says it is now investigating the matter.

"I do not have any indications that the gear could have come from Army warehouses. The soldier has been relieved of duty," Pejšek has said about the case.   

Not all of those charged remain in custody. They face anywhere between two and eight years in prison depending on the severity of the charges against them.

brf, ČTK,, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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