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August 16, 2022



Czech Police called to scene of commemoration of Romani Holocaust victims

Terezín, 30.1.2015 2:04, (ROMEA)

Organizers of Tuesday's commemoration of the memory of the Romani victims of the Holocaust at the National Cemetery in Terezín called police for assistance after Petr Žák, a member of the board of the "NO to Brussels - National Democracy" party, which closely collaborates with right-wing extremists from the DSSS party, began photographing those in attendance. Žák has been involved in anti-Romani demonstrations in Děčín and Rumburk but claimed he was there to honor the memory of the Romani victims.    

Organizers told  Žák they did not want to be photographed by him without their consent and asked that he delete the photos he had taken. He refused using provocative, vulgar language and organizers called police; an anti-conflict team ultimately intervened at the scene, followed by regular officers.

Žák refused to delete the photos. After police arrived he claimed he was unable to find the photographs in his mobile telephone.

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