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July 6, 2022



Czech Police charge bodybuilder for praising Russia's invasion of Ukraine and expressing desire for a war in which he could kill anybody

2.5.2022 7:37
Filip Grznár (PHOTO: Instagram profile of Filipa Grznár)
Filip Grznár (PHOTO: Instagram profile of Filipa Grznár)

Czech news server reports that the Czech Police have begun the criminal prosecution of the bodybuilder, fitness trainer, MMA fighter and YouTuber Filip Grznár for the content of videos in which he praises Russia's invasion of Ukraine and says he hopes the Czech Republic will become a war zone as well - among other reasons because he could "kill anybody" if that were the case. "He is accused of inciting crime, for which, should he be found guilty, a two-year prison sentence is the maximum," a well-informed source told the news server.

Speaking in a video that he published on Instagram, Grznár says: "I want there to be war in the Czech Republic. I want Russia to come get us already," adding that it is all the same to him how he, his family, or anybody else would be hit by such a development of events.

The bodybuilder also says in the video that "the only freedom" is war, in his opinion, because during war one knows one can die at any time and also that one can kill anybody. He then said he wished he had such freedom.

Grznár later apologized for posting the recording. He claims to have produced it while under the influence of alcohol and to not have meant any of it seriously.

This is not his first such excess, however - in October 2020 he was found guilty of committing violence against a group and its individual members and of approving of a felony. He committed those crimes when, in a video filmed in June 2017, he approved of the murder of a Romani man on a housing estate in Chomutov and threatened to murder more Romani people there.

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