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June 30, 2022



Czech Police charge bodybuilder with threatening Roma, he faces three years if convicted

29.6.2017 17:06
Filip Grznár. (PHOTO: YouTube)
Filip Grznár. (PHOTO: YouTube)

Filip Grznár (age 32) of Plzeň has been charged by detectives in Chomutov, Czech Republic with committing violence against a group and its individual members and approving of a crime. "Using the publicly available computer network, he disseminated a video recording in which he himself appears and approves of the commission of the serious crime of a recent murder at a housing estate in Chomutov," said the press spokesperson for the Ústecký Regional Police Directorate, Lieutenant Colonel Marie Pivková.

"Furthermore, he threatened to kill a group of residents at that housing estate," she said. He has been served the charges and faces between six months to three years in prison if convicted.

After Grznár reached agreement with the state prosecutor, no reason was found to remand him into custody. The investigation of the case continues.

In the video, posted at the beginning of the month to his Instagram profile, the bodybuilder makes aggressive, vulgar statements about the death of a young Romani man from Chomutov, arguing in favor of the man who shot him dead, and threatens other Roma in Chomutov with murder. The video was viewed more than 50 000 times during just three days and continues to be disseminated on YouTube and other social networking sites through various other profiles.

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