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January 27, 2022



Czech Police charge man who urged daughter to practice beating Muslims or Romani people with a baseball bat

17.9.2017 17:51
A still image from the Czech video of an adult man encouraging a child to beat
A still image from the Czech video of an adult man encouraging a child to beat "gypsies" and Muslims.

Czech Police have charged a man who was filmed urging his young daughter to use a baseball bat to hit a pillow while imagining it was a "Muslim or a Gypsy". The video was first reported on by news server after a Facebook user nicknamed Olloph Samorost posted it to his profile at the beginning of August.

The man has been charged with two separate felonies and faces up to thee years in prison if convicted. "He is suspected of committing felony incitement of hatred against a group or restriction of their rights and freedoms, and he is suspected of endangering the upbringing of a child. He faces up to three years in prison if convicted," police spokesperson Eva Stulíková told news server

According to her, detectives in the town of Benešov have checked all of the evidence and information and have initiated criminal prosecution of the 27-year-old suspect. He has not been remanded into custody.

The video includes a recording of the man's dialogue with his daughter. Below is a translated excerpt from the filmed interaction:

Man: "What are you going to do?"

Girl: "I'm going to beat the pillow."

Man: "You're going to beat the pillow? Will you imagine it's a Gypsy or a Muslim?"

Girl: "Yeah!"

Man: "Give it to him good!... Wait, just break a few bones, don't kill him. ... What are Gypsies?" 

Girl: "They're fuckers."

The commercial TV Prima television station reported that the author of the video is a Lukáš K. of Benešov who runs an e-shop selling equipment for marijuana cultivation who is also a member of the hard core ultra fans of the Sparta football club. Prima cited sources saying he has clashed with the law before on drug-related offenses.

bau, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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